Everything is in God's hands.  A terrible disease kills the Polish coach
  • It started indistinctly, the coach had memory lapses and “eat” the endings of words. The diagnosis was terrifying. The coach greeted her with dignity
  • In his career, Kitliński worked with many future professional footballers, including the Polish national team. Many famous players can be auctioned during the charity tournament
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is extremely rare and currently incurable – expert explains
  • More interesting stories can be found on the new website of Przegląd Sportowy Onet

– Already in November, my father lost weight, but we did not see anything disturbing about him. He did a lot of sports, so it felt normal. Then he had lapses in memory, he began to “eat” the endings of words. Father’s friends advised to see a doctor. After an MRI, doctors concluded it was encephalitis or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease — says Bowie, the coach’s son.

After a few days of examinations, the doctor left no illusions.

– Unfortunately, you have so little time, we can count it in quarters – he said directly.

The coach replied, “Everything is in God’s hands anyway.”

– It was shocking news for me, but I had to be strong since he was my father. We all think that only the end of his life is over and the next life is about to begin – says the coach’s son.

Jacek Kitliński (Photo: Onet)

young educator

Jacek Kitliński has always been very religious. In his youth, he wondered if he should go to school, but he chose AWF. After graduation, he worked with young people, incl. In MKS Piaseczno. – Jacek was a very nice co-trainer. But most of all, he is a decent and fit person. He helped many boys in their careers, had experience and advised. He never expected anything in return – says Jaroslav Ludwinyak, vice-president of the Piasecno club. They played in teams led by Kitliński, among others Thomas Kubis and Mishaw Jankowski.

Jacek Kitliński with young players
Jacek Kitliński with the young players (Photo: Onet)

Kitliński was so prominent in the Warsaw coaching market that coach Zygmunt Ocimek offered him a job as an assistant at Mazovia 1990. Then, in 2001, the Federation decided to give him his youngest ten-year-old. – We had a role split. I toured matches, searched for, Jacek was a workshop technician, he conducted lessons. He was very involved. It was a strong group and we had a lot of success. We were the vice champions of Poland – says Team Principal Marek Zielinski. There were a few players who made their careers after that: Łukasz Teodorczyk, Mateusz Możdżeń, Łukasz Skowron, and Michał Kucharczyk.

The disease progresses more slowly

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