Vaccinations in Italy.  Palazzo Adriano - a city where more than 100 percent of the people have been vaccinated

The unusual method of the vaccination campaign has led the Sicilian city of Palazzo Adriano to boast that it is completely immune. The Guardian reported that it exceeded this indicator by 104 per cent. “All we had to do was remind everyone we met to get vaccinated,” explains the city councilman. The residents of the neighboring villages also had to agree to this proposal.

Palazzo Adriano is a city of about 2,100 inhabitants located in the province of Palermo in Sicily. It is one of 5,500 Italian villages with a population of less than five thousand. Most of them suffer from an aging society – young residents leave their families in search of work in big cities or other countries. Given the average lifespan of more than 60 years, villages – with the onset of the epidemic – felt the pangs of fear: if COVID-19 spreads, it could lead to more villages disappearing from the Italian map – the Briton describes “The Guardian”.

– In March last year, we feared the worst – 54-year-old consultant Salvatore Spata admits in an interview with the correspondent of the daily. – The nun and the priest who came to us from another city did not know that they were infected. An epidemic arose because it infected a small population. There were sixteen of them in total – he recalls.

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strategic square

When the vaccination campaign began, residents took advantage of the relationship between families and neighbours. Their focus was on the square located in the center of Palazzo Adriano. At least one representative from each family passes through this square every day. We used it, he describes Saba. All we had to do was remind everyone we met to get vaccinated. He explains that the next day, this person and his relatives showed up to receive the vaccination.

The Mayor of Palazzo, Adriano Niccolo Grana, commented, “People have realized that thanks to vaccinations, they are making a shield that protects their community.”

In this way all the inhabitants of the city of Sicily were vaccinated. And not only. The Guardian reported that the vaccination rate there was 104 percent. “It seems like an incredible statistic,” Grana admits. “But in fact, those who live in our city have also been vaccinated here, even though they are not official residents and people from nearby villages,” he explained. Hence the result.

One of the streets of Palazzo Adriano

“We live and work with complete peace of mind”

Niccolo Grana spoke to TVN24’s editorial office at the beginning of November. Among other things, he was asked if there were people unconvinced about vaccinations in the city. As he said – they were. But for them, the ultimate proof of the effectiveness of vaccination against the Corona virus was the vaccination party, after which no one got sick.

– We quickly organized a local vaccination point and hired the army and civil defense. It worked, Grana admitted. He concluded his speech by saying, “We live and work in complete peace.”

Concerns were also answered by a specially created group on the Internet. “We responded to the false information there and confirmed the safety of the vaccines,” the mayor now recalls. “I am convinced that if we allow misinformation to be published, we will tell a different story today,” he says.

There are many cities in Italy where the vaccination rate is equally high. For example, in Brienzio in the province of Varese the proportion is about 97 percent (with 789 inhabitants), and in Breman in the province of Lecco it is 100 percent (with about 2,000 residents), the Guardian concludes.

On Saturday, 645 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Sicily. 61 cases of infection have been identified in the Palermo region alone.

Main image source: TVN24

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