June 8, 2023


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Guy A. LePage is in mourning

On Wednesday, Guy A. Lepage announced the death of his faithful companion, a toy poodle named Attack. The adorable pet shared the daily life of the LePage family for less than 17 years before dying “surrounded by his family.”

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The host posted a poignant message on his social networks Everyone is talking about it In 2006 he shared his memories of the “little moving brown ball” that changed his life. “Dogs didn’t interest me,” he recalls, admitting to quickly developing a warm relationship with Attuck.

Read Guy A. Lepage’s touching tribute below:

“Attack the Dog (2006-2023)

In 2006, my girlfriend came home with a toy poodle. I’m a cat guy. I like cats because they are free and affectionate and my girlfriend says that’s why I’m an old tomcat.

Dogs didn’t interest me and I became the “cleanliness trainer” of a little shaky brown ball weighing a kilo at most. As I worked from home, the little ball bounced on my lap all day and we soon developed a loving relationship. Mockingly, we called it an attack because it was completely harmless.

Attack was a friend of my son Theo’s who found time in his teenage schedule to play with him, then curled up with little Beatrice, his new home (2010). Thomas appeared in turn (2014) and when the latter died following a gruesome bacterium, Attack slept in bed for weeks to monitor it.

Attack has always been a member of the family, even though he didn’t know it, he became a cartoon character in the BabyDrice series. Sometimes we recognized him on the street: “Is he the famous attack?” “Okay mom!

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In short, after 17 years of faithful service and restoration licks, our old dog left us today, surrounded by his family. He is half-blind, three-quarters deaf, and completely unassuming. Not to mention the erupting ulcers in his mouth and his chronic breathing problems. This was the end of his life as a dog. Our family is in mourning. Farewell brave companion. We will never forget you.

Old cat.”

Atack’s death has touched the LePage family, with many fans, family friends and celebrities sharing their condolences on social media. We join them in wishing the family a happy life.

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