GTX 1060 dethroned, Steam has a new king of graphics cards
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Dec 3, 2022, 11:17 a.m

The results of the latest survey conducted on the Steam platform show that the most popular graphics card among its users is the GTX 1650. It has managed to overthrow the previous leader, which is the GTX 1060.

Although new and fast graphics cards are sold regularly, this does not mean that they are very popular among PC owners. Problems with the shortage of semiconductors and the demand for these products from the so-called cryptocurrency farms have kept GPU prices at ridiculous levels for a long time.

Many users can’t afford to buy a newer, more powerful graphics card, so they have to keep using what they have. The current situation is perfectly illustrated by the post on steam recent results Surveys With respect to hardware and software used by users of this platform. Data on graphics cards looks interesting in them.

The list shows it In November, the GTX 1650 was the most popular model, used by 6.27% of respondents.. Second place is taken by the GTX 1060 with a score of 5.77%, which in October was at the top of the ranking with a score nearly two percentage points higher.

It should be noted here, however, that the card achieved this score because Steam added its versions for laptops and desktops. When we do the same with the GeForce RTX 3060, we get an overall score of 8.04 percent. So, as recently inform usafter combining all the variables, in fact, this model is still the most popular graphics card among gamers.

GTX 1650 is the new leader of Steam

The GTX 1650 is the budget model whose prices in Polish stores are around 800 PLN. The card is average ToysBecause its capabilities are very limited. In addition, it does not support DLSS technology, which can slightly increase performance (this is limited to RTX models only). However, its biggest advantage is the price, which is why both less demanding and wealthy players buy it.

Of course, this does not mean that the equipment is completely useless. It can deliver 60 frames per second in Full HD, albeit at lower graphics detail settings. These parameters can be achieved on older addresses, and newer products on this system will not perform well.

After dethroning the GTX 1060, Steam has a new king of graphics cards - Infographic #1

GeForce GTX 1650GP. Source: Palette.

Perhaps future Steam surveys will show another change in leadership position, provided of course that graphics card prices return to normal levels. We can only hope that this will happen soon. What graphics cards do you have in your computers? Share it in the comments.

After dethroning the GTX 1060, Steam has a new king of graphics cards - Infographic #2

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