Grzegorz Joswiak: The transformation has already begun

We return to the 30th anniversary edition of the Chemistry Symposium, held at the Warsaw University of Technology, Bock Branch. Then we had the opportunity to talk with Grzegorz Jóźwiak, Director of ORLEN's Office for Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels Technologies.

During the 30th edition of the Chemistry Symposium, held in the last days of January in the building of Warsaw University of Technology, branch in Bock, it was asked whether there is a formula for the chemistry of the future. Among other things, the transformation of Polish chemistry was discussed during the discussion in which Grzegorz Jowiak, Director of the Orlen Office for Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels Technologies, participated.

– During the interview with Professor Jacek Kyczynski, we had the opportunity to discuss the transformation in Polish chemistry. Due to the fact that Polish chemistry today faces major challenges related to climate goals, our proximity to the university is a great advantage. The director told us that these new chemistry and technologies today need a lot of support from science to achieve ambitious climate goals. Grzegorz Joswiak.

As he explained, during the discussion he had the opportunity to present ORLEN's strategy in the field of sustainable development and achieving CO2 emissions reduction goals through hydrogen and synthetic fuel technologies.

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– Most importantly, we are working on developing projects such as the Hydrogen Eagle, that is, building the entire hydrogen infrastructure in Poland, including hydrogen refueling stations, and, on the other hand, projects such as the production of synthetic fuels, that is, our strategic project. Which assumes the production of 70,000 tons of synthetic fuel, especially aviation fuel RFNBO, that is, sustainable fuel for emission reduction purposes in this area, which is compatible with the regulations implemented by the European Commission – explained Grzegorz Joswiak.

It concerns the agreement signed by ORLEN and Yokogawa Europe (regional headquarters of Japan's Yokogawa Electric Corporation) in September 2023 on cooperation in launching industrial production of carbon-neutral synthetic aviation fuel. The aim of this agreement is to improve the technological process that will enable the manufacture of green fuels from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The project between the company and the Japanese company will include, among other things: the creation of a virtual replica of the production plant.

Recently, a hydrogen-powered bus was commissioned in Phuket. According to our interlocutor, do these types of vehicles have a chance to replace existing buses with combustion engines?

– This bus in Buk, but also 25 buses, for example in Poznań, is an example of the fact that the implementation of the hydrogen strategy is already working and that these first applications are already working. And of course, yes, I confirm that the technology of using hydrogen, especially in city buses, is very popular. We got a very positive response from public transport in Płock that this bus meets all requirements. Both in terms of availability and failure rate, everything is fine. But hydrogen is also a fuel that allows for much longer ranges than, for example, electric cars, Grzegorz Joswiak explained.

He adds that public transportation with hydrogen-fueled vehicles is useful not only for achieving climate neutrality or improving the environment, but above all at the local level.

– We have the opportunity to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles, because hydrogen vehicles, let me remind you, emit only water vapor, so they are very beneficial for the environment, and for urban agglomerations like Płock – summed up the Director of ORLEN Hydrogen Technologies and Synthetic Fuels Office.

Let us remind you that the organizer of the XXX CHEMIA 2024 Symposium, which took place on January 30-31 at the Warsaw University of Technology in the city of Puk, is the BMP company, publisher, among others, of the magazine “Kierunek Chemia” and the portal The honorary host was ORLEN SA

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