PS5 and the problem of placing the console vertically.  Experts explain, and more people reassure players

The topic of correct arrangement of the PlayStation 5 is back – and all thanks to an article describing a potential problem that gained popularity last week. Journalists have updated their report, noting some inaccuracies.

The prepared PS5 project generated a number of different reactions from the first presentation – and not just thanks to the specific skin. Sony has added a stand to the kit, thanks to which gamers can set the console vertically or horizontally. However, recent reports have indicated that the first option may damage the console by leaking liquid metal caused by slight disturbances in the protective seal.

There was an inaccuracy in Wololo’s article—the journalist asserted that the problem could occur in “unopened keyboards,” which some readers took as brand-new hardware condition that was never out of the box. The editor updated the report, confirming that the term “Unopened keyboards” identified equipment that had not been disassembled by owners or repair shops.

In the news on our website last week, we didn’t even focus on this issue, because it was clear that an “unopened console” can be defined as a model in which the user or any other outsider has not looked in an attempt to reach the individual parts.

However, the Wololo script was received very negatively by PlayStation fans – even though it simply contains the opinions of experts who fix consoles. Materials have been published indicating that the problem, even if it is real, is not global, but relates to individual cases. It should be noted that this issue has also been raised in previous reports.

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