Great Britain.  The three-year struggle for the alpaca ended in fiasco.  Drunk Geronimo |  News from the world

– I am disgusted with this government. Helen MacDonald, owner of the alpaca, said these are barbaric acts BBC.

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Great Britain. Several years of court battle for alpacas. The animal is put to sleep

Geronimo was put to sleep because the bovine tuberculosis tests conducted twice in 2017 gave a positive result. The Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) has ordered the alpacas to be killed to prevent the possible spread of the disease.

According to the BBC, Devra’s staff – who were dressed in blue, goggles and masks – arrived with police at a farm in Wickwar, near Bristol, where Jeronimo is. “Watchman” He adds that the animal was packed in a trailer and taken to an unknown location where Rahim was killed.

The alpaca owner defies judgment: All this time, they simply planned to kill Jeronimo

According to Helen MacDonald, her speech was denied and no action was taken on the animal’s behalf. “In fact, they only planned to kill Jeronimo the whole time. The BBC quotes a woman as saying that this is yet another horrific display of bad faith and duplicity on the part of the Secretary of State and everyone in Devra.

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Moreover, the owner of Geronimo claimed that the tests performed were not reliable. She said Geronimo had been tested four times in New Zealand – the animal was brought to England in August 2017 – and the tests showed no disease. After studies in the UK to confirm bovine tuberculosis, the alpacas were isolated from the rest of the herd for safety.

The battle between the owner of Geronimo and the Ministry of Environment began in 2018. That’s when the ministry asked the court to put her to sleep AnimalHowever, due to numerous appeals, the case continued in the following years. In 2021, the court refused permission for the owner to take another bovine tuberculosis test and gave permission to put the alpaca to sleep. The euthanasia was due to take place no later than 4 September.

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It has not only affected the British media, but it also touches the media around the world. More than 130,000 people have signed a petition calling for the alpacas to be saved. They mediated for the animal, among other things naturalist Chris Packham and actress Joanna Lumley report “The Guardian.” Even a spokesman for Boris Johnson referred to the issue. – Of course someone loses the animals Tuberculosis, it is very frustrating and it is a situation that unfortunately farmers have to face. We feel sorry for Mrs. MacDonald and everyone else whose animals suffer from this terrible disease.”

A spokesperson for Defra announced that an autopsy will be performed on Geronimo alpaca, where tissue samples will be taken for examination. Pathologists will take care of this veterinarian – veterinarian From the Animal and Plant Health Agency. It may take up to three months for results to appear.

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