Corona virus hits China.  The first death in Shanghai since the closure

This is the first death in this city since then Introducing closure in Shanghai At the end of March. China, which has been battling the biggest wave of new COVID-19 infections since the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, has decided to lock down the city of 25 million people.

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Most of Shanghai’s 25 million residents have stayed home for the third week since then China continues to use the “zero tolerance” strategy to contain the epidemic, A request to isolate everyone who may be infected.

On Monday, China announced that 23,362 people tested positive for the virus in the last 24 hours, Most had no symptoms, and nearly all of them lived in Shanghai.

The return of the coronavirus is not the only bad news from China. While China’s GDP is growing faster than expected, the number of jobless people rose in March and retail sales fell. All of this has been brought forward through the lockdown due to the pandemic.

Shanghai, which is practically closed, is one of the most important financial and logistical centers in China. That is why some companies in this case decided to allow their employees to live in the workplace during the lockdown period.

More than 320,000 coronavirus infections have been reported in Shanghai since early March, when the increase began.



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