GOG is offering another production for free. This time, platform users can get survival horror for free. Hurry up, promotion doesn’t last forever.

GOG makes sure that players do not get bored. For some time, the platform has been providing more games for free. Another production was made available in the store for free. This time it is something horror fans will enjoy.

Demir: 1998 It is a survival horror set in the year 1998, as the name suggests. This production, although it did not gain much popularity, should appeal to fans of the cult horror series, ie vampire. First of all, the creators Demir: 1998The company, Invader Studios, was working on an updated version Resident Evil 2Only when the project was canceled, a brand new production was created, which preserved the atmosphere of the Japanese horror series.

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Demir: 1998 It is based on the nostalgia of the players. Apart from just referring to the old versions vampireThere are also numerous references to 90’s pop culture. The gameplay is also designed in a retro style.

The desire to give up the soul vampireInvader Studios has set a high level of difficulty. Players who don’t care about their resources will struggle to succeed. There are few bullets, so you need to weigh each shot.

Creators also pride themselves on using other classic mechanics, such as game save points, collectibles, or undo. The strong point of the production is the designs of the enemies, which are responsible for Satoshi Nakai, who also worked on the monsters in Resident Evil: Veronica Code And the Resident Evil 0.

Demir: 1998 You can pick up in the GOG Store Until January 2, 2022 at 15:00.

Carol Kotofsky, polygamist journalist

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