GOG gave us a gift for Easter.  It is a strategy game filled with dwarves with RPG elements
29 Mark 2024, 15:48

You can get another free production on GOG platform. This time, players received a strategy with RPG elements titled: Knocking.

to update:

You can now get the game for free on the GOG website Knocking. To add it to your account, simply click on this link, which will redirect you to the sale page where the giveaway item is visible. There, select the option: “Yes, collect the game” – and log in to your account (or create one). After completing these steps, you should set a title for your profile. The offer is valid until April 1 at 15:00.

Original post (March 28)

Spring has entered our lives not only in the form of ever-rising temperatures and the flight of storks into the country, but also in the form of various types of promotions on digital distribution platforms. GOG.com celebrates this special period in particular, regularly offering free games as part of its spring sales. Players have just been able to obtain the Book of Demons at no additional cost, and soon they will be offered another title.

according to Reports A netizen named Billbil-kun, famous from very reliable sources, Starting tomorrow (i.e. March 29), as of 3:00 PM Polish time, GOG users will be able to customize the game for their accounts Knocking.

“according to tradition” We will have three days to collect the “free gift”. The offer will end on April 1 at 15:00.

Hamtring – some information

For those who do not know much about the title, let us remind you of that Knocking It is a strategy game released in 2021 on PC. This production, developed by Warpzone Studios, takes us to a fantastic world where the forces of good fight the evil army of vampires. Players control an initially small colony of dwarves, working deep underground to provide the defenders with the best weapons possible.

The essence of the gameplay described in the sideshow is to accept orders for certain products. We receive payment for the goods delivered, which we can spend on developing our “business”.

Although the topic is very interesting, Knocking It was not received very favorably. At the time of writing this text, the game can “boast”. steam 1,586 reviews, of which only 59% are positive.

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