We know the composition of the Poles in the World Cup Roca.  There are surprises

The Polish coaching staff announced, on Wednesday, the formation of the Polish national team for the World Cup competitions in Rocca (November 25-27). There are surprises.


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Just over two weeks left until the next World Cup in Reus. The Polish coaching staff decided not to wait and have already announced the composition in which Biao-Czerwoni will go to Finland.

They will be: Daoud Kobaki, Peter Shea, Camille Stoch, Bowie Weisk, Jacob Woolney, Thomas Belch and Alexander Zniszkoz.

While the first four names are no surprise, filling in the next three places can be described as a surprise. However, the staff focused on the slightly more experienced players and on Belch, who scored World Cup points at Wisla.

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– Tomas Pilsch is a promising player, he also scored points at Wissoa, and during pre-season training camps, he showed a good performance. Aleksandr Zniszkul is a player thanks to which we have an increased base amount. I must admit that we discussed the last seventh place for a long time, but finally came to the conclusion that at the moment we see the greatest potential in Cuba and Walney – said Thomas Thornbichler, quoted by the pzn.pl portal.

The staff decided to delete two promising jumpers – Kacper Juroszek and Jan Habdas. They explain this by the peculiarity of the competition in Ruce, during which strong gusts of wind often interfere.

– This is why the young contestants will start their first snowfall in the Continental Cup competition. The Austrian explained that if they are treated well, they will certainly get their chances at the World Cup.

Two singles competitions will be held in Roca (November 26 and 27). Due to the World Football Championship, both competitions will start at 9:00 AM Poland time.

Ross Water Cycle Program (HS142):

Friday 25 November 2022
12:00 – Technical Briefing
14:15 – Formal training
16:45 – Qualifiers

Saturday 26 November 2022
7:45 – Trials Series
9:00 – Series 1 of the competition

Sunday 27 November 2022
7:30 – Qualifications
9:00 – Series 1 of the competition

Watch the snowboarding in Pilot WP!

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