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Today marks the seventh anniversary of Anna Przybylska’s death. Her manager, Gosia Rudowska, added a touching photo of a special holiday with the star on the occasion.

Anna Przybylska She passed away on October 5, 2014 as a result of a long-running battle with cancer. She was only 36 years old. Three children she gave birth to from a relationship with a soccer player are orphaned Jaroslav Binyuk. The most recognizable of her offspring is undoubtedly Oliwia Bieniuk, Which Participate in the new version of the program Dancing with the Stars.

They remember both the family of the deceased and the participants in Polish show business Anna Przybylska As a warm and kind person. Have a conversation with us about it He said NS. Andrzej Piaseczny. He said:

Obviously, when our friends die, we feel sad. But after a while, the most beautiful thing these people leave in our memory is a smile. So it’s the sad seventh anniversary, but it’s the smiling seventh anniversary of Anne’s. (…) I have a family in Gdynia. Once my cousins ​​took me to the area where Anya lives. I looked around like that, took out my phone, called her and said Anka, but you ****** don’t live in a terrible place.


Of course, we all laughed terribly, and then we all met up for coffee. So these kinds of memories seem to be unimportant, secondary, not amazing experiences, but after many years one also remembers them.

Andrzej Piaseczny not only shared his related memories Anna Przybylska. Her manager did that too, Magorzata RudovskaWho posted a photo from their vacation on Instagram.

Animation from years ago. Anna Przybylska and Magorzata Rudowska together

The photo shows Małgorzata Rudowska and Anna Przybylskathat hug each other. They are standing somewhere by the sea. Sports figure that attracts attention Anna Przybylska. No wonder, because she was also known as a supermodel and the heroine of many photo sessions.

Małgorzata Rudowska was very close to her. As she said in an interview:

We did not hide anything from each other, we trusted each other. We can all count on the other. I remember how she left her first husband, it was difficult for her, she went through everything. It is a difficult moment for every woman. She was an ordinary girl who treated all her failures very emotionally. And she needed someone to share her feelings with.

The photo, which shows the two women, stirred emotions among netizens. “Her memory is even stronger,” one observer wrote. Another commented: “What a pity we can’t like it yet.”

This isn’t the first photo Małogrzata Rudowska posted on her Instagram profile after her death. Anna Przybylska. In December of last year, the former manager added one of the photos from her photo sessions. The actress appeared in a short pink dress. The post was made available on the day the star celebrates his 42nd birthday.

The work of Anna Przybylska

Anna Przybylska, whose career was in 1997-2014, starred in ZlotopolskyAnd bream seasonAnd tenantsAnd Nikos Desma’s careerAnd freak dayAnd away from the mobile 39 and a half And many other Polish films and series. Viewers can also like her in several music videos shot for music tracks. in 2014 Anna Przybylska got the nickname The most beautiful Poland 2013 In the women’s bi-monthly magazine poll Long live the!.

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