GITD is expanding the vehicle fleet with radars.  Then you will recognize the unmarked police car

The case relates to the project implemented by CANARD GITD “Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the automated traffic supervision system”. In an interview with, the spokesperson for the General Inspectorate of Land Transport, Monica Ninyak, reported that the implementation of the assumptions of this project will include the purchase of 33 devices for registering traffic violations and 33 new vehicles. The cars are scheduled to be delivered at the end of November next year.

It is a Czech whistleblowing device that has been used in GITD cars for years, with a short break in 2018, when it became known that GITD had not completed the formalities to legalize it. As it turned out after the update, the devices must undergo re-validation to ensure the correctness of the measurements made by the Central Office of Procedure. The equipment used by the Inspectorate did not have such certification, and therefore the fines issued on the basis of its measurements are of no value. The General Inspectorate of Land Transport initially decided to withdraw the devices from service, but, as it turned out, they finally received re-verification certificates. Ramit-equipped police cars can be back in action.

Today, almost 30 police cars perform tasks based on this equipment. These cars are difficult to recognize, because we are talking about the unremarkable Ford Focuses and Mondeo, as well as Peugeot Partners and VW Passats. There are a lot of these cars on the roads, and it is very easy to miss them. Due to the fact that most of these models are no longer produced, it must be assumed that 33 new ones will be completely different. What models will be this time – it is not yet known.

It’s not easy, but it’s not hopeless. The AD9 velocity measurement system uses the effect of changing the frequency of electromagnetic radiation with the relative motion of the radiation source or observer, using the Doppler effect. That is, the speedometer transmits an unmodulated frequency carrier signal continuously to the radiation of the vehicle being measured. The signal is reflected from the measured vehicle and received secondarily. The frequency of the signal reflected from a moving vehicle differs from the frequency of the emitted signal by the Doppler number, which is proportional to the measured vehicle speed.

To carry out the measurement, a large head installed in the radiator grille and a camera that can be seen in the hole is used. These are the items that clearly reveal that we are dealing with an unmarked GITD police car.

It should be noted that these police cars measure while driving (without using the radar) and while stationary (using the radar). So it may happen that we receive a picture from a speed camera, even though we did not pass the yellow mast. You will need to be on guard. Or just stick to the speed limits.


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