GIS pulls popular rails from market.  Potential plastic pollution

GIS pulls popular rails from market

GIS has just posted its latest public food warning on its website. There are three batches of bars. It is suspected that it was contaminated with plastic fragments. The manufacturer itself reported the threat.

Below we provide detailed information about the recalled product.

Milka Oreo Bar (37 grams)

Expiration date: 01.08.2024, 18.08.2024

Batch number: OSK0934421, OSK0934422, OSK0934651

The entity responsible for putting the product on the market in Poland:

Mondelez Polska SP. z oul. Domaniuska 49 02-672 Warszawa

Press materials

Milka Oreo Bar 37 g

Actions taken by entrepreneurs and official regulatory authorities:

Mondelez Polska SP. z oo announced that as a result of the investigation the cause of plastic contamination of the product has been identified and the range of products subject to recall has been determined. The Company has taken steps to inform customers who have received the product and has prepared a letter addressed to consumers who have purchased the above products.

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