GIS issued an urgent message.  These products have been withdrawn from stores

GIS regularly publishes warning letters to consumers. There’s a new list of recalled products from popular stores.

The Chief Health Inspector has reported that popular products have been pulled from store shelves. They will disappear from stores such as Lidl, Biedronka, Netto, Auchan and Kaufland.

Announcement of the new geographic information systems

– The product tested by the State Sanitary Inspection Authority contains soy protein. The product label does not provide sufficient information regarding the presence of this allergen. Consumption of the product by people who are allergic to soy proteins may cause an allergic reaction

– A message has been submitted regarding the Witpak product. Chickpea flour 500 grams as well as chickpea flour (melvette 1 kilo).

What other products should you pay attention to?

But this is not the end. It has been reported that consumption of the following products may also pose health risks. They should not be consumed and should only be taken to the store.

– Beef rice, where Escherichia coli bacteria producing Shiga toxin were discovered,
– Almond flour that has exceeded the maximum permissible level of aflatoxins,
– Infant formula (after 6 months of age) where Listeria monocytogenes bacteria have been discovered
– Pesticide residues in a batch of Sichuan pepper from China
– pyrrolizidine alkaloids in a range of instant black tea flavored with Earl Gray,
– The insecticide (anthraquinone) in a specific batch of Yunnan black leaf tea,
– Doritos chips with cheese 5 x 30 g
– Beef burger 2 x 110 grams, RZEŹNIK brand
– The presence of salmonella bacteria in one batch of vegetable salad,
Strawberries contain the virus that causes hepatitis A (hepatitis A).

What is geographic information systems?

The Main Sanitary Inspectorate is a unit responsible for the management and supervision of activities aimed at the well-being and general health of Poles. More often than not, products are reported that may pose a threat to consumers. It is worth monitoring GIS warnings on an ongoing basis to avoid the risk of health problems.

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