Gikiewicz is waiting for a package from Munich.  Zasoy.  He'll get a gift from Noir Beck Nothing

added time Games, a corner for Bayern Munich. The Bavarians were dreaming of a draw, so even their goalkeeper Manuel Neuer reported the penalty area. It was he who could turn the tide of the match, because the ball hit his head after the cross. Neuer aimed the ball at the right post, but remained vigilant in his face Rafa Jekevich. The pole miraculously saved the famous German goalkeeper’s shot and it was he who became the hero of the game.

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Lewandowski returned home. The crowd’s reaction was divided

Stop Jekevich Neuer and he will reward him with a shirt

Gikiewicz showed an unusual class not only in this case. Throughout the match, he kept his focus excellent, showed some great tackles and didn’t let himself be defeated. Gikiewicz’s work had to meet Special tribute to Manuel NeuerBecause, according to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, a Pole is waiting for a parcel with a gift from a colleague. The captain of Bayern and the German national team promised to send him his shirt.

The Augsburg goalkeeper himself also noted the situation at the end of the match. – Every ball you saved against Bayern It gave a unique feeling. However, if I had not defended Neuer’s header, Manuel would have been the player of the day, he then admitted.

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Rafai Jekevich is the champion of Augsburg

Sueddeutsche Zeitung notes that Rafai Jekevich deserves to be called a champion not only because of the match against Bayern Munich. He’s already done excellent form before. The waiting list also saved his team earlier by defending a penalty kick taken by Marvin Doksch in an away match against Werder Bremen. In retrospect, it is true that he provoked the local fans with his gestures, but you cannot do without him because mainly thanks to his attitude, Augsburg won that match 1-0.

Jekevich was also one of the favorites in Leverkusen when his local team Bayer defeated 2-1. Unfortunately, victories over Bayern, Werder and Bayer Leverkusen are the only victories so far for Augsburg this season in the Bundesliga. The Pole Club occupies eleventh place with 9 points. The opportunity to enlarge it will come after the end of the first half of the national team matches. On October 2, Augsburg will play away from Schalke 04.

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