This is no joke.  It appeared in the forests of Pomerania.  People were speechless - O2

Everyone knows a situation in which we suddenly feel a physiological need. And when entering the forest, it is futile to look for a toilet in it. To some, the topic seems funny, to others it is embarrassing, but the Obawa Forest District took the topic seriously.

Therefore, many people wonder if it is appropriate to have a bowel movement in the lap of nature. As foresters argue, of course. However, you need to remember some basic rules.

In the area of ​​the Obawa Forest Inspectorate, boards with instructions on what to do in the event of “urgent need” pick us up. On the board we can read detailed instructions on what to do in an emergency.

The forester took the word

The basis of the rule is to go deep into the forest. Another thing to do is cut off a piece of moss and split the leaves. After making the physiological need, you need to cover everything with moss. You can also put a few sticks on top to prevent others from getting stuck in our “surprise”.

For logistical reasons, we can’t put toilets in different places in the forest, so we’re trying to educate the public. Everyone loves to complain about chaos. Together – with a little humor – we can make the forests cleaner – said Mieczysław Miloch, a forestry manager quoted by the portal.

Describe the tables step by stepHow can we take care of our physiological needs while leaving the forest almost intact. Everyone can try to keep the forest as clean as possible.

If the predecessor does the job as it should, the next person won’t meet the rest of the stool. The beetles working in the woods will spread it within a week. On compacted soils, this process will take longer – adds the forest inspector.

Netizens were stunned

The paintings caused a lot of confusion among Internet users.

I didn’t believe it until I saw it myself (…) People went for centuries into the forest for need, and only suddenly needed signs with instructions. There are no more important needs in the forests … – writes a Twitter user who decided to go there in person.

Bravo author, bravo creator! Lightly and gracefully explained and presented – another Internet user claims.

And what do you think of this idea? Write in the comments.

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