According to chip.pl, a supernova explosion may have led to the formation of a huge black hole in our galaxy. However, scientists are not sure what created such a powerful enclosed space in spacetime.

There is definitely something between the two molecular clouds in our galaxy – the Perseus and the Taurus. According to researchers, there is a huge black hole there.

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Giant black hole in the Milky Way

The first 3D visualizations of the Milky Way led scientists to a groundbreaking discovery. Until now, they were convinced that the molecular cloud in Perseus and the molecular cloud in Taurus are related to each other. Now they finally saw their temple. Thus, the team of astronomers discovered the presence of a huge black hole that spans over 500 light years.

We’ve been able to monitor these clouds for decades, but we’ve never known their true shape, depth or thickness. We were also not sure how far these clouds were. We now know where it lies with only one percent uncertainty, said NASA’s Dr. Catherine Zucker, enabling us to see the space between them.

Perhaps this is one of the many things we will learn about in the near future. There may be more such closed space-time regions in our Milky Way.

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A black hole in our galaxy

As Alexander Kowal explains, this phenomenon is part of the cosmic cycle. star death Indicates an explosion that could form black holes. At the same time, a large amount of the substance is released. It consists of new celestial bodies.

Fabulous, isn’t it?

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