Dying Light 2 - How many hours does it take to complete the main story?  Techland responds to criticism

Techland once again talked about when Dying Light 2 will be completed. The developers have responded to negative feedback on the amazing weekend announcement – the studio has now given the number of hours we’ll need to spend learning the main story.

Techland has been running a very intense promotion for Dying Light 2 Stay Human for several months, but the news that came out a few days ago caused quite a stir. The developers announced it We will need up to 500 hours to read the entire title, but after numerous feedback, they added that 80 hours is actually enough to learn all the missions (main plot and side quests). Despite the quick replies Residents of Wroclaw experienced negative reactions.

So it is time to dispel all doubts. The studio released another message highlighting this Dying Light 2 is designed for Players with different playing styles and preferencesIt will take 20 hours to complete the plot.

“We wanted to clarify our last message regarding the number of hours required to complete the game. Dying Light 2: Stay Human is designed for players with different playing styles and preferences to explore the world as they see fit. #DyingLight2”

The main 20-hour story is a bit longer than in the first Dying Light (17-18 hours) and a more comprehensive story than in Dying Light: Next (9 hours). If you like the city atmosphere and decide to stay longer, you will complete all the tasks in 80 hours.

The mentioned 500 hours are required to fully check out Dying Light 2 – the main plot, side quests, selections, endings, visit every place on the map, listen to all the dialogues and find the entire collectible package.

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