Get me out of here!  Season 2: The Experience of a Lifetime by Patricia Paquin, Claudette Desrochers, Philippe Laprise and Audrey Roger

An average of 1.6 million viewers fell in love with Season 1's Campy Adventures every Sunday evening. Adventure Reality TV Get me out of here! It's back for a second season that promises to be even more amazing, wet, wild and scary than the first season. Newspaper He spoke with four of the nine campers: facilitators Patricia Baquin and Claudene Desrochers, comedian Philippe Laprise and actress Audrey Roger.


Why did you say yes to this experience?

Patricia “I was called early in the process and Season 1 hadn't even started, so I didn't know what I was getting into at the beginning. And the more the shows progress, the more you say to yourself: Oh well, that's what I said yes to.

Claudine: “I was approached in April, so I had time to watch an episode of Season 1, and I was thinking to myself: What would I say if someone called me? When I got the call: I was excited and thinking: Am I really going to say yes? I was scared. Finally, in my life. I saw it as a unique opportunity to experience something I would never experience again. Thrill to let go I had to think about it for a few days. I was surprised that someone contacted me because I haven't been seen on television for a long time.”

Audrey: “I had time to watch a few episodes and the first thing that came to my mind was: Ah, lucky people, I'd love to do that too. It's not the kind of thing I would apply for, but it would fall into my lap. I had no choice but to say yes.

Philip: “I emailed to participate at the same time they wrote to me to participate. I felt I had reached this point in my life: Challenger In something I never thought of. Everyone thinks I'm a princess who likes fancy hotels, but I wanted to challenge myself game There is no community without clan or enemies.

Will the biggest fear go away? Your biggest fear?

Philip: “For me, it was the height. I got the height and I'm glad I did. But honestly, everything was scary. There's nothing nice about having a tarantula on you or a snake or a crab in your bags. (Laughs).»

Patricia: “I don't think most of us are afraid of camp life. On the other hand, in reality, there were some people who did not like to eat animals and some people had a specific fear like Audrey.

Audrey: “Yes, I am basically very trypophobic; Anything related to pores, warts, clusters of pores. Like the toads, it's not possible for me. But I have seen some very closely.

Patricia: “I don't like bugs that much, but I was focused on having them in a constant state around me. I had done some visualizations, but I hadn't visualized the water around me, and they would be this invasive. I wasn't ready for that.” (*Without further ado, be aware that Patricia Paquin faces a particularly harrowing challenge when she enters the game.)

Philip: “It's fascinating to me that we all go through this kind of funnel that allows us to face our fears and realize that we have more abilities than we think.”

Get me out of here!  Season 2: The Experience of a Lifetime by Patricia Paquin, Claudette Desrochers, Philippe Laprise and Audrey Roger

“Photo courtesy of TVA”

Forget the camera when you're so scared?

Patricia: “Yes! Once you set foot on the adventure, you'll leave in a minute, a second, a second.

Philip: “We always have a way: Get me out of here! It's been used a few times, but rarely. Well, here, I've reached my limit a few times where I have to say I'm at my limit. The team is very respectful.

Your most memorable moment?

Audrey: “For me, it was a challenge with Phil, Alex [Perron] And Rosalie [Vaillancourt]. This was the moment we laughed the most in the entire adventure. We had a lot of fun, we played clowns and it was going to be great program.»

Claudine: “There was a significant moment where I collapsed from exhaustion. I was in such a psychological state… watching Season 1, I found them intense, but I understood. I understand the mental state.”

Philip: “There were some good highlights. We lived with nature and we had mornings waking up with howler monkeys above us. They scream so loud!”

Patricia: “So! So in the evening when you sleep, tired, it's restless: humidity, noise, mud, mosquitoes, it's impressive. Even discomfort, the camp is very dry. I was looking for places to sit.

Have you considered giving up along the way?

Audrey: “For me, it was every day. Every day I said to myself: What am I still doing here? I have to go home! But my mind was strong and I could not give up. »

Claudine: “I think we all thought about that. There, a day is worth more than a day. No matter how many days you spend in the jungle, when you come back it feels like weeks have passed. It's really special.”

Patricia: “I remember saying to Alex: I can go out tonight, it won't bother me, and Alex said to me: Me too! (laughs)»

Get me out of here!  Season 2: The Experience of a Lifetime by Patricia Paquin, Claudette Desrochers, Philippe Laprise and Audrey Roger

“Photo courtesy of TVA”

Made a new friendship at camp?

Patricia: “Rosalie, Dave and Audrey make a nice little trio.”

Audrey: “Yes, we got along great!”

Person who surprised you the most?

Philip: “Claudine really surprised me with the show Clod's SeasonsShe did business in a very gentle way, and everything was funny, but there, when I saw her there, I said to myself: Wow!”

Audrey: “I, it's Alex [Perron] Surprised me a lot. He had balls!

Claudine: “Yes, he can take it! He's inspired by generosity, he never complains. He's quiet, he's like Mr. Miyagi.

What animals have you seen there?

Philip: “We wake up in the morning and sometimes there are tarantulas in our beds.”

Claudine: “Big cockroaches! As with all elimination challenges, you will encounter bugs and there are some challenges too. You don't have a choice, there always are. We also had a trail of red ants. There were some at night when we had to go to the toilet Ranger Walk with us.”

Philip: “I heard that at one point I was in an interview in the jungle ping bang, I turned around and it was a long green snake that had fallen from the tree next to me. Only then did I realize they were the color of the forest!

Your greatest pride?

Patricia: “Excessive. I am happy that I got this experience.”

Claudine: “Absolutely. I'm glad to accept that I have no control over anything since I got there. To admit: that's all, I let myself go into a hostile climate and place, and that's a victory.”

Philip: “It inspired me to go on a backpacking trip, as my girlfriend had wanted to do for a long time. I realized I could. I don't want to be all inclusive anymore.

Get me out of here!  Season 2: The Experience of a Lifetime by Patricia Paquin, Claudette Desrochers, Philippe Laprise and Audrey Roger

“Photo courtesy of TVA”

What are you most bored about?

“Shower, clean pants, good smell, comfortable chair, clean toilet, no wet underwear!” They say.

What are the reasons each of you chose?

Audrey: «La Maison d'Haïti, for the integration and education of Haitian families in Quebec.”

Philip: «Philippe Laprise Completion ADHD Foundation for people living with ADHD and their families.”

Claudine: «A stone's throw to success, the foundation is located in Lanateer to provide school bags, school supplies and tutoring to primary school children.”

Patricia: «Benny & Co Foundation provides respite to families with different children.

Get me out of here!  Season 2: The Experience of a Lifetime by Patricia Paquin, Claudette Desrochers, Philippe Laprise and Audrey Roger

“Photo courtesy of TVA”

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