Fighting in Ukraine continues – Macron is preparing for peace negotiations with Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron told French media on Sunday that it was too early for peace talks in light of the current developments.

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The French president has already tried several times to take on the role of mediator between Russia and Ukraine, which illegally attacked him. His conversation had no effect. In one of these conversations, the impatient Russian dictator ends up remarking that he wants to go play hockey.

– Some people may have accused me in the past of talking to Russia, but I will continue to talk to Russia – Emmanuel Macron said a month ago and I keep his word, because in an interview with Les Echos he said that “This is not the time for negotiations, even if we are preparing them, we need to set milestones.”

It is not known what “landmarks” the French leader trying to negotiate with the criminal could prepare. Perhaps after visiting China and talking with Xi Jinping for several hours, he will try to push a new version of the Chinese peace plan.

However, there is not the slightest chance that Ukraine will agree to any concessions to the aggressor, especially with regard to its borders.

For now, says Macron, “the Ukrainians are fighting back, and we are helping them.”

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