Behold, the week ends well

A few months before the massive return to television in the fall, the signature of the new co-host The week ends well Revealed!

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Last April, after nine seasons, Jose Goudet surprised everyone by announcing that he would not return to lead the weekly show. Soon, viewers wondered what the 10th season would be like and who would sit in the empty seat with her “friend” Julie Belonger. The week ends well.

Now the wait is over because it was revealed on Monday evening who Jose Goudet had been replaced. Sweet salt.

Julie Pelanger was there to talk to Patrice Belanger After 14 years he recently retired from radio, His new TV project will be very close, But, of course, his new accomplice. The presenter first gave some hints that he was a comedian who had already worked in radio twenty years ago and had sold more than a million tickets in his career. Can you find out?

This is Jean-Michel Uncle!

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When questioned as to what prompted him to accept this new challenge, the main interested party agreed that he should thank his lover because he was the one who informed him that Jose was leaving and that his boyfriend had seen its place. So Jean-Michel called his agent, he took him to audition with Julie, and the chemistry worked! Further, the latter admitted that he had an opinion in the decision-making.

Photo: Karine Levesque

Take note with The week ends wellJean-Michel Anctil will also be very busy in the game.If you can see him last season District 31See you soon in the next seasons as well Project b As well as Portrait-robot.

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Before the start of their season, the two will first host a TVA season.

In this interview Sweet salt We were assured that their accomplice was already well established. We can not wait to see them active!

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