Germany is angry.  The first German plane evacuated only seven people from Kabul.  almost.  10 thousand is still waiting |  world News

GermanyWhich was the second largest site immediately after United States of America, a military unit in AfghanistanThey want to evacuate several thousand people by air from Afghanistan: citizens of German and Afghani citizenship, as well as Afghan collaborators, human rights activists, female lawyers, and women who, because of the Taliban’s seizure of power, fear for themselves and themselves. families.

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The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan

German Defense Minister: We escorted only those on board

– We have a very chaotic, dangerous and complex situation at the airport. We had little time, so we only took the people who were on the plane – said ARD TV, quoted by the agency Reuters German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Seven people were evacuated, causing outrage among Germans who began commenting on the matter on social media and criticizing the measures. rz ± du.

“We could not believe that only 7 people were saved from this hell by the Bundeswehr. The reason is said to be poor coordination with the United States, curfews and the lack of its personnel in the field. A fatal failure” – wrote the reporter Paul Runzheimer on Twitter.

Afghanistan in agony. The women’s team says goodbye to the game. ‘Provokes the wrong feelings’

– Only seven people were transported because the plane had to take off quickly, and the others Germany The spokesperson said they could not reach the airport on time MSZ. Germany still urgently needs to evacuate up to 10,000 people from Afghanistan. The people responsible for them – she told CDU members on Monday, citing “Al Jazeerę“Angela Merkel. She also said that Berlin should work with countries bordering Afghanistan to provide joint support to those now fleeing the Taliban-held country.

Chaos at the airport. Germany will evacuate people through Uzbekistan

However, the Germans hope that with the help of 600 soldiers who will participate in the evacuation, they will be able to get as many people as possible out of Kabul in the coming hours.

Interview with the Taliban on TVAfghanistan. A woman gives an interview to the Taliban on television. “unbelievable”

Flights from the Afghan capital were suspended on Monday as people trying to flee the country packed the runway, blocking traffic. Evacuations from Kabul airport resumed on Tuesday. Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer said she hoped the airport would remain open for several days so that as many people as possible could be deported. – They are not only German citizens, but also local employees, people at risk. We will also support other countries, she added.

Germany plans to launch an “air bridge” between Kabul and Tashkent. German citizens and local Afghans will first fly to the Uzbek capital and then travel to Germany on charter flights, he wrote.

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