Müller responds to Sikorski regarding visa ban for Russians

Radoslav Sikorsky, a member of the European Parliament and a former foreign minister, recently said that “Russians should have the right to enter the European Union, because they will change under the influence of these trips.” The PO politician referred to the proposals of several EU countries (including Poland and Finland) on banning the issuance of tourist visas to Russians. The embargo would be another form of sanctions against Russia for going to war with Ukraine.

The proposals were opposed, inter alia, by Germany and Hungary. Interestingly, politicians in the Civic Forum also raise objections to this idea. Recently, Hannah Gronkewicz Waltz statedShe is against the idea because Russians “must see what democracy means, and will only learn it by traveling to the West.”

Mueller responds to Sikorsky

Peter Muller decided to refer to Sikorsky’s words. In a scathing comment, the government spokesperson attempted to dispel the EMP’s suspicions regarding the visa ban for Russians.

Mueller confirmed that Poland has not issued tourist visas to Russians for some time. However, there is still debate about extending this ban to other EU countries. As a government spokesperson said, Poland “is in favor of this ban being broad in general” and also covering other types of tourist visas.

Mueller said the government was not persuaded by the arguments of “people like post office deputies like Radoslav Sikorsky or other people who are against such solutions that would affect the Russian public.”

– If there are people who are against the system and in fact such damage can be done to them, they can always apply for asylum in the EU and those who fall victim to political actions are subject to completely different ones – Mueller explained and went directly to Sikorsky: “So, Mr. Sikorsky, don’t really worry about those who can’t come to Greece on vacation from Russia, but worry no more about what’s happening in Ukraine.”

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