Germany, Denmark.  Babbitt was agitated in the Baltic Sea.  One person died

Storm Babbit hit the Baltic Sea coast. On Saturday, the German state of Schleswig-Holstein was forced to evacuate thousands of residents, and the damage resulting from the disaster is estimated at hundreds of millions of euros. Serious damage was also reported in Denmark.

Storm Babbitt, called Victor in Germany, struck on Saturday in the western part of the Baltic Sea, and also caused heavy damage in the British Isles. In some places, water levels rose more than 220 cm above normal from Friday night to Saturday, the worst flood in more than a century. On Sunday morning, the waters receded and damage assessments began in coastal areas.

A tragic outcome in Germany

The situation was particularly difficult in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany. In the city of Flensburg, where particularly high storm gusts were recorded, the sea submerged the port and surrounding buildings. The port of Schleswig was also damaged by floods. Baltic waves broke through the embankments and destroyed the beach fortifications and buildings. Many boats sank.

– It’s a complete disaster. I don’t know how many ships sank. “There are masts sticking out everywhere,” a port employee told NDR.

On Friday evening, media reported that a woman died on the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn after her car collided with a tree that fell due to a storm.

Ralph Kirchhoff, head of emergency services at the Interior Ministry in Schleswig-Holstein, also reported on Saturday morning that about two thousand residents of the federal state had been evacuated. He added that the damage caused by the element could reach hundreds of millions of euros.

Dangerous in Denmark

Babbitt also influenced the people of Denmark. The southern part of the Jutland Peninsula was particularly exposed to the storm. Floods occurred in the town of Haderslev and surrounding towns, and the waters damaged roads along the coast. Strong winds and high waves also threatened residents of the Danish islands, with devastation reported, among other islands, on Zeeland and Lolland.

The waves also led to the complete destruction of a historic summer house in Skildekopple, dating back to the 1920s. Just a few months ago, it was put up for sale for DKK 3.6 million (more than PLN 2 million).

PAP,, NDR, Avisen Danmark

Main image source: PAP/EPA/Niels Melvang

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