German nationality.  The government has made major changes

The new bill is very broad, but it makes clear that the federal government will want to introduce the possibility of having multiple citizenships with clearly defined rules. Children of foreigners born in Germany will automatically acquire German citizenship if either parent has lived legally in the country for at least five years.

The waiting time will also be shortened German passportBecause foreigners will be able to apply for it five years after their arrival and residence in Germany. The bill also includes a provision regarding the possibility of excluding a particular person from the process of granting citizenship. This applies to those who deny the basic principles of democracy, or who commit acts of anti-Semitism, racism or other forms of discrimination.

Home Secretary Nancy WeiserHe stressed the importance of reform, saying: “The granting of citizenship is the strongest recognition of Germany. Everyone who becomes German recognizes that they live in our free and diverse society.

No testing will be required

The reform also aims to celebrate the contribution of the so-called host workersie economic immigrants who have come for many years, for example. with turkey And contributed to the development German in the past. They will not have to pass a language and knowledge test in Germany, which will be required of other candidates.

These changes come in response to the current statistic of being around 14 percent. of German residents do not have a German passport. The reform aims to make this process easier and more accessible to those who want to become full citizens.

After the reform, most people will wait five years to obtain German citizenship. However, for those who integrated very well, the waiting time could be reduced to three years. Decisions in this matter will be made individually by the local governments where the candidates will apply for citizenship.

“+49” – a program about what is happening in Germany/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.PL

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