Cyberpunk 2077 vs multiplayer - CDP explains what happened
December 5, 2022, 21:46

CD Projekt RED has finally acknowledged what happened to its post-launch Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer plans.

Image source: CD Project Group.

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The multiplayer mode was supposed to be one of the attractions that we will see after the premiere Cyberpunk 2077 movie. Today, nearly two years after its debut, CD Projekt Red has explained why Cyberpunk multiplayer is finally dying out.

Philip Weber – Formerly Chief Designer of Quest Cyberpunk 2077 movienow a listing manager the new the magician – He was one of the employees of the Polish developer with whom Robert Borches recently met Eurogamer website. It was he who revealed to the journalist the reason for the withdrawal of CDPR from the release of the multiplayer mode.

Perhaps Weber’s interpretation will not surprise anyone. After the problematic premiere Cyberpunk 2077 movie The CD Projekt Red team’s priority was to fix production. This means that Correcting the base version of the game distracted many CD Projekt employees from working on development projects – for example, the multiplayer mode.

Making sure the main game works well for people has become a priority. This shift in priorities meant that other research and development projects had to be postponed. In case Cyberpunk 2077 movie We wanted to do a lot of things at once, and we just had to focus and say to ourselves, “Okay, what’s important here? Okay, let’s make this part really good.”

CD Projekt has already repented of the premiere Cyberpunk 2077 movie, but so far has not publicly mentioned it in the context of the actual multiplayer cancellation. This was initially supposed to be a network unit, but then it was announced that the multiplayer would be a separate production.

Who is this too Withdraw in March 2021, as the developers focused on developing “the technology that will one day provide online elements for all of the company’s brands”. Multiplayer has been canceled again has been confirmed after half a year.

in November 2021 ReferredLike the chain Cyberpunk And the the magician It was to receive network functionality gradually. CD Project Group mentioned About it two months ago.

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