Gas allowance 2023 – remember about the app!  Who is Natural Gas Heating Supplement for?

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The 2023 Gas Allowance is provided to people with the lowest income. Progressing

The Gas Allowance for 2023 was approved as part of the so-called Gas Act. Subsidies are available to those households that use natural gas for heating, but not all. Who is the gas supplement for in 2023? When and how to apply for gas allowance? application template.


  1. Who is the gas supplement for in 2023?
  2. How much will the gas allowance be in 2023?
  3. Gas Allowance 2023 – Apply
  4. How long has the gas supplement been?
  5. Gas suppliers with compensation

Since the beginning of 2023, the so-called gas lawMore specifically, the law on special protection for some consumers of gaseous fuels in 2023 in connection with the situation on the gas market. It’s about supporting those who use natural gas to cook, heat water or heat their homes. The solution is aimed at families, but also at sensitive recipients, such as schools, kindergartens, medical facilities, housing associations, etc. The goal of the project is to maintain the gas price in 2023 at a level of approx. 200 zlotys / MWh and freeze distribution fee rates. also supplied add gas.

Who is the gas supplement for in 2023?

Gas supplement is not for everyone. The condition to be met is income threshold, similar to the shielding additive. Therefore, families with lower incomes, i.e. those with a monthly income, will be paid the gas supplement:

  • PLN 2100 for a family of one person,
  • PLN 1,500 in the case of a multi-person family.

The government provides that with a gas allowance, ie Only 300,000 families will benefit from the right to a VAT refund in 2023. And according to the Central Statistical Office, there are approximately 13.8 million households in Poland – data from 2021. Only a few are entitled to gas allowance.

How much will the gas allowance be in 2023?

Let us remind you that at the end of 2022, the Government Inflation Shield that eliminates VAT, among others, ceases to apply. As well as on natural gas and its supplies. In 2022, the value added tax on gas was 0%, and from 2023 it is 23%, and it is certain that gas prices for households will increase by this amount, despite the price freeze.

Hence the solution for people with lower incomes – a gas supplement, the amount of which will be equal to VAT. Gas allowance will be given In the form of gas VAT equivalent refund.

What are the effects of the VAT hike on gas from January 2023?

He added, “With a freeze on gas tariffs for households, a return to higher value-added tax rates will increase retail gas prices by about 20%. It will also boost CPI (consumer) inflation at the beginning of 2023 by about 0.5 percentage points.” Reported the weekly economic magazine of Bank Pekao SA.

Gas Allowance 2023 – Apply

To supplement gas – VAT refund You can apply after receiving and paying your first gas bill in the new year.

You will need a refund Apply for a VAT refund. The application must be submitted to the municipal office (relevant for the place of residence) to the mayor, mayor or city president, within 30 days from the date of receipt of the invoice certifying the supply of gaseous fuel.

You will need to attach the following to your gas VAT refund application:

  • An agreement entered into by a gaseous fuel customer with an energy company engaged in commercial activity in the field of trading gaseous fuels or a copy thereof,
  • An invoice documenting the delivery of gaseous fuel to this customer by this energy company,
  • Proof of payment of this invoice.

The granting of a VAT refund by the mayor, mayor or city head does not require a resolution. Only refusal to grant a VAT refund, cancel or change the amount of a VAT refund and a decision on a refund of VAT collected without justification requires a decision from the office.

How long has the gas supplement been?

The solution will be effective 1 January 2023.

Gas suppliers with compensation

Gas suppliers for selling gas at lower prices to vulnerable households and entities will be compensated by the state for their actual expenditures. Similar solution this year. Next year, there will be additional compensation for the frozen distribution fee. The government will allocate about PLN 29 billion for subsidies.

Source: PAP, GW

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