Gary Oldman and Paolo Sorrentino team up.  First pictures here
The first images announcing Paolo Sorrentino’s new untitled film have officially appeared online. The star of the upcoming production is the creator of titles such as The Great Beauty and The Young Pope, Gary Oldman.

This is Gary Oldman in Paolo Sorrentino’s new film

Most of the photos published from Paolo Sorrentino’s new film are stills from the production, but they also include behind-the-scenes photos where we can see the director himself. See for yourself:

What do we know about Paolo Sorrentino’s new movie?

Sorrentino spoke about his new project during the Venice Film Festival this summer. It will be the story of a woman named Parthenope (after the legendary sea nymph who failed to tempt Odysseus).

The life of the heroine, who was born in Naples in 1950, will be used by the director for creativity “A universal story of human existence: of the lightness of youthful life, of the aimlessness of impossible passions and obsessions, of fruitless love affairs and overwhelming passion, of nightly kisses under Capri skies, of flashes of joy and constant suffering, of parents real and imaginary; of endings and new beginnings.” Sound interesting?

It is not yet known who Oldman will play. And Yadomo Jedinak, who is in his place are Runies Nello Masia, Biagio Iso, Celeste Dalla Porta, Silvia DeGrande, Isabella Ferrari, Lorenzo Glegeses, Beppe Lanzetta, Silvio Orlando, Luisa Ranieri, Stefania Sandrelli or Alfonso Santagata.

“It Was the Hand of God” movie trailer

Paolo Sorrentino is one of the most respected European directors. He gained international fame with “Divine” (2009), a film portraying controversial politician Giulio Andreotti. In 2014, the director won an Academy Award for the film “The Great Beauty.” Other important titles in his achievements include “All Cheyenne High,” “Youth,” and the series “The Young Pope” and “The New Pope.” Let us remember that the events of Sorrentino’s previous film, the biopic It Was the Hand of God from 2021, also took place in Naples. The Italian director presented the story of the young man Fabieto Chisa, whose events take place in the eighties.

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