June 5, 2023


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Gang leader Arsen Mombay was assassinated in Kanesadek

Gang leader Arsen Momboy was shot dead in the late afternoon in the native area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKanesadake, near Oka. Press From many sources.

Daniel Renat

Daniel Renat

According to our reports, a mob point was fired at least two gunmen in the greenroom on Saint-Michael Road, near the scene of a large crowd two weeks ago.

According to our information, Arsenal Mombpoint was involved in the organization of this event.

Arsen Mombayt, 47, was released from prison last April.

During his release hearing, Francis Drome, an investigator with SPVM’s Organized Crime Division, testified that Momboint and his team were “contractors” for organized crime.

“Shortly before the summer of 2019, the source information was that Mr. Momboint wanted to be active in the murder deals, so execute the deals or do them yourself. This, with his name, continues in the middle,” the investigator said.

Arsenal Momboynt had a rigorous judicial past, especially for theft and possession of firearms.

In June 2017, he was sentenced to 25 months in prison after being arrested with a gun.

During these proceedings, another SPVM investigator revealed that Arsene Mombain was associated with the Red Faith street gangs and was the leader of a group that allegedly carried out several deals, including murders for crime. Organized, especially the Mafia, in recent years.

Court photo

During the 2016 police chase during the Perth investigation targeting Skoppa, the late Mafia leader Andrew Skoppa, left and gang leader Arsene Momboint.

The investigator also said police believe Momboint is trying to replace the influential mob leader Gregory Woolley following his arrest at the Magot-Mastiff trial, which led to the beheading of the Sorrette du Quebec organized crime in November 2015.

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In August 2019, Mompoint was shot in the arm during an assassination attempt in the metropolis of Saint-Leonard. During the investigation into the alleged assault on him, a police witness said that Mompoint was then subject to a lucrative deal in his head.

“One day or another, it’s brewing, it’s inevitable,” said an investigator following the release of Mompoint in April. Press, Anonymously, because he does not have the authority to speak to the media.

The investigation into the Arsenal Mompoint murder is being carried out by Sarate du Quebec investigators of the crimes against the person.

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