Game of Thrones as a gateway to a great career?  What are the main characters of the series doing today

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most popular series in history – and many viewers would probably say with a reasonable dose of certainty that even someone who can safely sit on the throne is in this category. And while its quality is actually indisputable, and the plot is a matter of taste, there is no doubt that this is a production that redefined an entire branch of pop culture.

How many products do you know for them The bosses give their employees leave on the occasion of new episodes? Or the one in which the most important episodes are broadcast in cinemas around the world, filling the halls at the same time? This is an unprecedented phenomenon and situation, and behind it are many details that make up one brilliant position. Unprecedented adaptation.

And as you can probably imagine, the actors themselves, who were lucky enough to play the main roles in the following seasons, really got a lot of fame. Today everyone knows the face of Jon Snow, Robb Stark or Daenerys. And the I wondered what the biggest ‘Game of Thrones’ stars are doing today? Have you checked how their career is currently going? If not, then this text will answer that question!

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen)

The main actress of the series certainly cannot complain about the lack of roles. Since the end of “Game of Thrones” she has appeared in several smaller productions in completely different genres, and we now know that next year she will officially become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the occasion of “Secret Invasion,” which is appearing on Disney+. I am convinced that it will only be higher.

Kit Harington (Jon Snow)

Another man certainly can’t complain about boredom. After filming George R. R. Martin’s novel, in which he had the opportunity to play arguably the audience’s favourite, he appeared in the anthology short series “Modern Love” as well as in “Eternals”. And the latest production is the most important here, because we’re talking about the MCU. And just like with Emily, this is the next stage in her career.

Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark)

The young actress is definitely not unemployed. After the end of “Game of Thrones”, she appeared mainly in serials (and those in which she had the opportunity to play the main roles), although in 2019 she appeared in the movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix. And although it was not a successful business, it cannot be ignored that in this case she also had the opportunity to be the title character. There is no doubt – it is in great demand.

Maisie Williams (Arya Stark)

This time a friend is younger than the aforementioned people plan, but he’s definitely very talented. After the broadcast of “Game of Thrones”, she appeared in several films (including the subtitled feature-length film “The New Mutants”, but the biggest challenge for her was the biographical mini-series “Pistol”, and they appreciated her role.

Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister)

He is one of those actors who can talk about a great career regardless of his performance in ‘Game of Thrones’. Peter has a lot of production behind him, and after playing Tyrion Lannister, that hasn’t changed in any way. After the end of the last season of the series, we could see him in three films – the largest were “I will take care of everything” and “Cyrano”, where he had the opportunity to play the main role.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister)

Although it may sound different, Nikolaj still appears in many products. But the truth is, we can’t really talk about Hollywood’s high-budget business. The Danish actor appears largely in productions related to Scandinavia and this is where he feels best. Well – what he was supposed to do in the top acting class, he actually did. Now it’s fun to play.

Isaac Wright (Brandon Stark)

Sometimes I get the impression that this actor didn’t win the hearts of fans for his role as Brandon Stark. Looking at his further fate, one gets the impression that he did not win the hearts of the filmmakers either. And the best proof of this is that so far he has only appeared in the mini-film “Voyagers” from 2021, where he is completely different…on average. In fact, it did not stand out in any way. is it bad.

Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister)

However, Lena Headey didn’t slow down, having become famous for the role of Cersei Lannister, she appeared in three full-length films – each of which played a major role. They were Twist, Killer Cocktail, and 9 Bullets, respectively. None of them won an Oscar, of course, but you can see that he still feels good on screen. A similar tactic to Nikolai, you get the impression that you treat your work with fun.

Gwendolyn Christie (Brain of Tarth)

Gwendoline was overheard when casting the lead role on She-Hulk. And while the reports were ultimately not actually confirmed, nothing has yet happened about the featured actress. This year, she has already appeared in the artistic “Flux Gourmet”, as well as in “Sandman” on Netflix, which recently appeared on the platform.

Richard Madden (Robb Stark)

And this is a very special point, because Richard Maiden was in the series for a relatively short time, and it turned out to be what many fans liked most. Moreover, he cannot be denied talent, the best confirmation of this is the abundance of outstanding roles. He appeared in the series “Bodyguard”, as well as in several big films – “1917”, “Eternals” and “Rocketman”. I am convinced we will hear a lot about him.

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