Przemysłąw Kossakowski changed his image.  This is what it looks like now

Przemyslav Kosakowski Over his years in television, he has not received as much media attention as it has in recent months.

This is, of course, because of Loud parting with Martyna WojciechowskaWhich took place shortly after the wedding that the public discovered this spring.

Since then, tabloids have been constantly investigating the reasons for the couple’s separation.

They both remain silent about the They only released short statements Shortly after the media learned of their separation.

Martyna Wojciechowska and Przemysław Kossakowski They are now concentrating on their work.

In addition, the presenter of the program “Down the Road” He also changed his place of residence He left Warsaw for Podlasie.

He also changed his image a little thanks to the glasses. It appears that Kosakovsky went to an ophthalmologist recently who discovered a defect in his vision.

On his Instagram profile, he introduced himself to his new acquisition and summed it up with the term “Signs of the Age”.

on the face?

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