Full Moon - July 2022. Goat moon in the sky

Every month, our satellite moves toward the Earth and is exactly opposite to the Sun. full moon in july It’s an amazing view, because the satellite will be in the distance 363666 km from our planet.

The sun’s rays are reflected off her full face, a The super sun will grow 14 percent and shine 30 percent more.

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Full Moon in July 2022: When and when do you watch it? Shiny and perfectly round, it will appear in the sky on Wednesday, July 13. The culmination of July’s fullness and maximum phenomenon is 21.38.

full moon in july Goat moon is called no accident. The Earth’s satellite and its cycles have been a kind of calendar for our generations Established past years Whether the harvest time is scheduled.

Where did the name of the full moon come from in July? The goat moon alludes to the male deer, that is: goats. These animals every year throw their hornswhich started growing again in July.

Hence the goat moon. It’s the most common name for the full moon in July, but it’s not the only one. Apart from that, it works too Borzova Peña and Sienna Peña.

The first relates to the many thunderstorms that occur in the month of July. on the other side full moon in july Called sienna, it refers to the July harvest.

full moon in july The Goat Moon is a harbinger of other amazing phenomena in the sky. On August 12, 2022, the full moon of sturgeon awaits us. We owe this name to the hunting tribes of North America. Aboriginal people noticed that During the full moon There is more sturgeon in the water than usual.

On September 10 we will have a full moon. The name refers to bright appearance The moon and early appearance in the sky allowed farmers to continue harvesting at night.

In October, the full moon awaits us for fishermen. Exactly on October 9, the bright and long-remaining moon in the sky will make it possible easy fishing For deer and foxes.

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November is the usual Beaver moon. falls this year November 8. The name probably comes from the increased activity of beavers who built winter dams at that time. on the other side December full moon It is called the full moon of the cold moon. falls this year December 8.

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