December 9, 2022


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"Nitram": Justin Kurzel tells the story of the largest massacre in Australian history

“Nitram”: Justin Kurzel tells the story of the largest massacre in Australian history

The hypnotic “Nitram” draws us into the world of the title character as if in a strange dark dream, followed by shock and sudden awakening. It’s a psychological thriller with a hint of dark humor and a bit of surrealism – weird and deceptive cinema, aimed precisely at the strong ending.

Justin KurzelA daring scholar of historical trauma, creator of the famous “Snowtown,” “The True Gang Story of Kelly’s and Macbeth,” proves once again that family problems, emotional impotence, and growing up alone are a truly explosive combination.

The main character in the fact-based movie “Nitram” is Martin Bryant, who in April 1996 shot and killed 35 tourists who were resting at a tourist resort in Tasmania. The director put violence off screen in the story of the largest massacre in Australian history. With a detective passion, he follows the circumstances that led the missing and mentally unstable man to the day a gun was legally sold.

The frightening anxiety that permeates the film is largely due to that Caleb Landry Jones, who won the Cannes Award for Best Actor for his role as Martin. The American independent star, known for his performances with Jim Jarmusch, Jordan Peele and Sean Baker, created a complex and elusive character in “Nitram”.

In Australia, where the cinematic return to National Shock has stirred up so much emotion, this character remains controversial. “Nothing good comes from silence,” – said the director in one of the interviews. “But memories, even dark ones, have tremendous power.”

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