More than half of Poles are concerned about the fourth wave of COVID-19

The latest results of UCE RESEARCH and SYNO indicate that 52.3% of Poles are concerned about the announcement of the fourth wave of the epidemic. 31.6 percent of the respondents are not afraid of it, 9.3% are unable to express their opinion on it, and 6.8%. Do not pay attention to this topic at all.

The survey was conducted in the first half of August this year. CAWI method. It was attended by 1,037 people, which corresponds to the structure of Poles over 18 years of age in terms of the main socio-demographic characteristics.

High percentage of stakeholders

The percentage of those involved appears to be relatively low, given that wave 4 is associated with a number of health and economic concerns. Not everyone can fully realize the consequences of their coming or simply not think about them, said analyst and study co-author Krzysztof Zych of UCE RESEARCH.

People aged 36-55 are primarily interested in the fourth wave of the epidemic, that is, 60 percent. This is nearly double that in the case of respondents aged 18-22 – 33 percent. People who live in the county often declare fear of a pandemic. West Pomeranian 60.5 percent, the least frequent in the province. Opolskie 34.7 percent

Anxiety is usually related to the number of cases that occurred in a particular area or in the immediate vicinity. Given the city’s size, it is clear that Poles from centers of population between 20,000 and 49,000 are more concerned about the fourth wave of the pandemic. Of the population, about 60 percent. – Zich explained.

The fourth wave of the epidemic is mainly concerned with people with salaries between 7000 and 9000. PLN – 63 percent The least of these concerns is that respondents declare earnings of more than 9 thousand. zloty.

Vaccine vs Unvaccinated

The survey also shows that 65 percent. Fully vaccinated people have concerns about the fourth wave. In the group of unvaccinated Poles, this percentage is 33%. In contrast, among people who have already taken the first dose of the vaccine and intend to take the second, 44.4 percent. Of those surveyed shows concern.

The decision to take the vaccine is usually related to the fear of contracting the disease, but it is also likely to have negative economic consequences. Therefore, vaccinated people are twice as likely to fear the development of an epidemic. In turn, Zyck emphasized that those who do not receive vaccination in general do not feel threatened by the phenomenon of the pandemic itself.

Consequences of fear

As noted by business consultant and mental health coach Anna Scochillas, fear of the pandemic can have an impact on our work and the company we run.

– In my experience, two groups have appeared in business as a result of the epidemic. Who is looking for new opportunities for the company because the company structure has changed due to the pandemic, or the company has started selling online and abroad. And the second group are entrepreneurs who are thinking about what needs to be done to optimize costs and survive the current unpredictable situation – said Skoczylas. She added that solutions must be sought to deal with the fear of what will happen.

Focusing on fear does not bring us solutions or relief. She emphasized that focusing only on what we affect, what we can do about it, who can help us with that and where to start – will bring us relief. She noted that her observations show that people are aware of the epidemic and are focusing more on what can be done and how to find a way to do it.

– In the most difficult moments, it is worth thinking about what is good in a given situation, what I have not seen yet – summarized Skoczylas.

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