Fuks 2 (2024) – Review and opinion about the movie [Mówi Serwis].  How to steal your father 2

Masek is a kind-hearted person who loves the company of beautiful women. In the age of Tinder, he couldn't complain about the lack of opportunities for a nice evening. The “old man” of one of these girls drives a Bentley, is an unspecified “businessman” and lives in a luxury villa in Nadarzyn. Maybe if the young man's red light had gone off when he heard these details, we wouldn't have had a movie. But Alex's son from the first part is not thinking with his head at this moment. Not that anyway…

When I went to school, the phrase “follow the reviews” was popular, i.e. show yourself on the right side from the beginning, thanks to which teachers later became more willing to forgive minor sins and shortcomings. I had the added advantage of not relying on my own opinion, but on that of my older brother. The first years of my education spoiled me almost completely – I could literally do whatever I wanted, including lying on the bench during class, “because I'm tired now,” and the lady would still tell me how talented Piotr was. , like brother, oh and ah. Why do I mention this? Because “Fuks 2” is a bit like me in this story.

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Since the first film “Fuks”, that is, since 1999, Maciej Dutkiewicz has shot a few episodes of “Ojca Mateusz”, several other series and literally one film, which was received rather coldly – ​​“Wyzwonie” with Eryk Lubos and Rafał Królikowski. Considering a quarter century of creative work, the result is rather average. However, the director eventually decided that it was time to earn something, and if the hero of the first film was actually able to raise an adult child on his own (the theme of the relationship between father and son was the core of the entire film). Part one), why not “Fox 2”? The thing is, this movie could be called a completely different name, and have its origin story, and no one would notice. Aleks (Maciej Stuhr) is a completely different person now than he was 25 years ago, and only Janusz Gajos' old cop is the same, but the plot doesn't give them much to do. They're here mainly to reference the first part. So, overall, the title could have been completely different, like the one in the review title, but would a lot of people go to the cinema then? People remember the original film fondly, so they'll be happy to see both, as evidenced by the fact that excluding me, there were probably 20-30 people in the cinema yesterday. As a result, I rarely see her these days, and I go to the movies at fairly popular times. So Dutkiewicz is literally “opinion-based” a quarter century ago.

Fuks 2 (2024) – Review and opinion about the movie [Mówi Serwis]. Same thing, but different

Maciek (Maciej Musiał) thought he had hit the jackpot when he kidnapped the seductive Ania (Paulina Gałązka). He was not discouraged by his father's warnings that he was swimming in very dangerous waters, not after he had seen what he could count on. However, little did he know that his biggest problem would not be Miroslaw Piechawski (Cesare Bazora), but Anya herself. From now on, until the end of the paragraph, I will add small spoilers, but I need them to clarify the plot of the movie. Feel cautious. Having lost consciousness before he even has time to take off his pants, Macek wakes up in the morning alone, and the television reports that Bychawski's young wife has been kidnapped the night before by unknown perpetrators. The stool hit the fan. Now Masek will have to figure out how to get out of this situation before the kindly businessman kills him and his father.

The “unconventional nature” of this film is that in many ways it is the same story as 25 years ago, but told in a different way. There's the criminal father, there's his angry child who feels unloved – here in the form of Julia (Katarzyna Suchuk), Piechaowski's daughter – and finally a plan to hurt the old man by giving him a larger sum of money. And we must admit, it's really nice to watch for a while. The scenario offers regular plot twists, is full of betrayal and hypocrisy, and the stakes keep rising – Especially when Piechawski discovers the identity of the man who “kidnapped” his wife. The ending brings to mind “Ocean's Eleven,” which in itself would be a good thing if done right. Unfortunately, the ending is not only ridiculous and comically implausible, but it also leaves so many threads so unfinished and full of holes and stupidity that it retroactively ruins the entire movie. The environmental thread fits like a fist into the rest of the film. You can easily give up on him.

Fuks 2 (2024) – Review and opinion about the movie [Mówi Serwis]. The person is important, sir, the person!

Daddy's little girl

The young actors are enjoying their roles. Here Musiał plays a sentimental boy, a son who cares for his father, and who would do anything for him – a nice reversal of the situation of Aleks and his father in the first film. Gałązka and Sawczuk have the most freedom because even though they are about the same age, Anka is Julka's stepmother. The girls are very different from each other – one is primarily interested in nice clothes and an easy life, and the other is obsessed with the environment. Almost every exchange of words quickly turns into an argument and a joke, often very funny. The humor in the movie won't blow anyone away, but it's good enough to make you smile on a regular basis. In terms of acting, the only thing that bothered me was the exaggerated subtlety and somewhat flat tone in Gałązka's statements. As if she wanted to read the sentence well during Polish class, and not run it. But maybe this is what it was supposed to look like? It's hard to say, although it fits the character.

The old men are less good, especially Macek Sture, who for most of the film gives the impression that he doesn't want to do anything. He was supposed to be sarcastic and tired of life, but he simply came out bored. It certainly doesn't help that the script gives him almost nothing to do. His biggest contribution is taking the viewer to the apartment of Mazur (Gagos), a former policeman and friend of Alex. Mr. Janusz also doesn't get a lot of material, but at least you still feel the same energy from him – he pretends to be dumber than he is, watches people for a long time, and occasionally throws in some unexpectedly funny lines. Sonia Bohosiewicz plays a small but ultimately very important role, but the problem in her case is the script, which suggests this and that, and then… offers no answers. The film simply ends at a certain point and the potential of the characters is never fulfilled. And not just her. The best actor in all of this is Czarek Pazura, who has played some interesting roles as villains in recent years. If someone had told me in the first “Fuks” film that Cesare Cesare from “The 13th Precinct” would play Ganguly and would be convincing and menacing, I would never have believed him. And yet we are here. Even more unfortunate is that the script ultimately wastes his character, as the threat he poses disappears at a certain point as if he had never existed. Also note that the ending itself doesn't really resolve anything regarding the conflict between them, so I don't understand where this fake happy ending is coming from. Well, I'm telling you, this scenario is so backwards that it destroys everything around it.

“Fuks 2” is a very safe and thoughtful film. On the one hand, it has almost nothing in common with the first part, and on the other hand, it is actually a variation on the same theme. It's powerfully directed, even if the largely predictable first two acts are wasted by a thin, snake-like, surprise finale. Had we spent a little more time on the plot, it could have been a really solid and enjoyable crime comedy. All the necessary tools were in place. The show goes by quickly and is mostly enjoyable, but you leave the cinema with a bad taste left by the ending. You can watch it, but I don't recommend it.

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