Fuel tank sales are growing.  Companies fear a shortage of stations

Fuel prices at Polish gas stations are still very low. on monday The average price of PB gasoline was PLN 5.95, diesel – PLN 6.00. It is much cheaper than in neighboring countries. At their stations, Czechs pay about 42 kroons (equivalent to 8 Polish zlotys), and Germans pay 1.90 euros (about 8.8 Polish zlotys). The difference is about 2-2.5 PLN per litre.

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Poles buy fuel in advance

There are more and more reports on the Internet that fuel cannot be purchased. There is information about failures in dispensersBut some experts claim that the real cause of the problems is different.

The Poles are trying to get as much fuel as possible as quickly as possible. Then, a temporary shortage of terminals occurs, called distributor failure – explains Davut Chopik, fuel market expert, in an interview with money.pl.

Fuel tank sales are growing

The fact that the Poles fill more fuel is proven by the data of companies specializing in the sale of fuel tanks. These are not ordinary small containers, but special large containers.

We are seeing an increase in interest in fuel tanks. This mainly applies to tanks with a capacity of 1,500 to 2,500 litres. It does not require permission and temporary monitoring by the Technical Inspection Office. Krzysztof Kubis, president of tanizbiorniki.pl, explained in an interview with money.pl that the greatest interest relates primarily to farmers, transport and construction companies.

This was echoed by representatives of other companiesWho want to remain anonymous. We present their statements below.

Fuel tanks are purchased primarily by transportation companies, construction companies, and farmers. Our beneficiaries also include other companies from the confectionery and bakery industries – says money.pl, a person who works in a company that produces tanks.

Within two weeks, we recorded a very significant increase in interest in our products. He adds: “I estimate the increase in orders at about 50 percent.”

Our interlocutor explains that not everyone who asks his company decides to invest.

People don’t really know what to do. Many of them already have tanks, but are thinking about purchasing new ones. Entrepreneurs worry that there will simply be no fuel. There is no panic, just fantastic calculations and uncertainty – He says.

Another industry representative admits that what happens at the stations translates into orders in his company. – Orders for fuel tanks increased by about 25 percent. I don’t want to get into a debate about the reasons for what is happening in the fuel market, but for our industry every incentive is a plus – he explains.

Honestly: for me It is possible that this election campaign will continue. We use it – adds a company representative who wishes to remain anonymous.

He also explains that very cheap fuel benefits many companies. – People can save now. Of course, we do not know if and when we will have to pay for these savings.

Doubts abound

As we heard from our interlocutors, the decline in fuel prices is beginning to translate into problems for fuel companies. – Perhaps we cannot talk about dumping here, but from the signals I receive, I conclude that it is Small fuel companies are very painfully affected by falling fuel prices – says an employee of the container manufacturer.

It is no longer a question of hundreds of millions of zlotys, but of billions. We see that importers have simply stopped importing fuel completely. It is known that local refineries do not meet all needs. this is the reason I fear that this situation will lead either to fuel shortages or to a sharp rise in prices – he adds.

Not all industry representatives confirm the growing interest in tanks and packaging. Those who trade on a smaller scale, serving small businesses and individual clients, do not see an increase in traffic.

– I will not say that we have increased traffic. We achieve the same sales levels for both consumers and businesses, explains a representative of one of the packaging companies. Many businessmen refused to comment and did not want to comment on the issue of low fuel prices.

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