Unfair practices in the hospital parking lot.  UOKiK imposes a fine

The private car park in the immediate vicinity of the oncology hospital in Wroclaw turned out to be a trap for drivers leaving their cars there. According to the advertising signs, drivers who use a nearby pharmacy can park for free for the first 20 minutes. However, few people checked the regulations placed outside the parking lot. There, in small print, it was indicated that free parking is possible only after receiving a ticket from a car wash employee. Otherwise, an additional fee of PLN 200 is charged.

It is easy to guess that the parking operator closely followed the drivers’ procedures and constantly asked for additional fees. It didn’t take long for a reaction to occur. UOKiK has received complaints from drivers. They indicated that customers were deliberately misled, blackmailed and blackmailed as well as dismissed complaints (in the procedures it was found that some complaints were positively considered). Inappropriate marking is also emphasized, for example “there is no information on the road sign – there is no paid parking under the letter P”.

UOKiK dealt with the case and twice asked the entrepreneur to remove labeling irregularities. This remained deaf on the recommendations. We read in the press release from the office the following: “Calls for more visible marking of the space were not met with a positive response from the entrepreneur. And no changes were made – neither in the marking of the parking lot, nor in ensuring its proper service. ”

As a result, UOKiK President Thomas Crostini has stated that unfair market practices have been applied and that collective consumer interests have been infringed. Hence the decision to impose a fine of 50,000 PLN. zloty. This is not the end. The announcement also referred to the drivers to whom the recall was sent: “After the decision becomes final, consumers will be able to pursue lawsuits against Łukasz Zbróg under the Unfair Market Practices Act, referring to the decision of the President of UOKiK.”

The president of UOKiK announced that this is not the end. The bureau took a closer look at parking spaces in hospitals, clinics and supermarkets. Tomasz Chróstny explains: “I have been monitoring the parking practices of scammers for several months now and am particularly concerned about parking spaces in hospitals and clinics. They need to be clearly marked to avoid confusion. The turnover and parking in such designated spaces is large and large. Some of the hikers are People who decided to stop there for the first time. People come to these kinds of facilities with the aim of preserving their own health or the health of their relatives, often in a hurry, it is unethical to prey on them and set up parking traps.”

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