February 4, 2023


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Fuel prices at Orleans stations. Yukic: We don’t rule out interference

Voices appeared in the network, according to which the company created a “financial cushion” to compensate for the increase in prices due to the return of 23 percent. VAT rates on fuel. “Miracles in Orlen. Wholesale prices got 12% cheaper overnight.” – economist Rafai Mundry wrote on Twitter. In his opinion, this may mean that drivers have recently overpaid for fuel.

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Fuel prices at Orleans stations. Yukic: We don’t rule out interference

In response to money.pl’s request for comment on the matter, the Competition and Consumer Protection Office stated that it cannot assess the practice of a particular entrepreneur without a detailed analysis of the situation. “We are looking into PKN Orlen’s actions regarding fuel prices, and we do not rule out getting involved in this matter.” – we read in the letter.

“The head of the UOKiK may intervene in the prices charged by entrepreneurs only in specific cases, for example, if they are the result of collusion with one or more entities, or abuse of a dominant position by market tycoons,” – the office noted.

UOKiK points out that simply raising or lowering a price does not necessarily imply an action that is inconsistent with antitrust law. The project owner is not obliged to set prices based on the cost model.

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