"Star Academy": Strategic Choices

For next Sunday’s semifinals, four academics had to work on songs in the daily newspaper on Tuesday. Strategic choices to highlight their voice in order to entertain the public.

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Instead of the usual assessments, the academics were invited to a work session with three teachers to prepare for their individual moment during the next various event.

Camellia Jackie started with the idea of ​​re-launching Serge Lama’s I’m Sick, which Laura Fabian had already performed so brilliantly. His acting did not impress anyone, and Gregory Charles quickly advised him to go and tap into another talent.

With Laura, they discussed the idea of ​​having Jack Brell sing the song “Quant on N’A Q L’Amor”. The young woman who wanted to choose another song in English tried it out in disbelief. Greg was skeptical, and finally nothing had been decided yet.

Crystal Mongo also complied with the proposals of the teaching staff. His translation of Gary Underwood’s “Cry Pretty” is not perfect. Above all, Kyleine Tremble made it clear to her that it was time to sing in French. Many titles were given to her, such as Laura Fabian’s I Will Never Stop Loving You ‘or Piaf’s “Song for Love”. Wanting to show a different face of his talent, Crystal was finally convinced by “I Don’t Love You” by Mario Belsat.

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Strong guys

Eloy Cummings felt he had to show another extension of his vocal talent for the upcoming genre. He chose Nicola Chicone’s Beggar’s Opera, which allows him to push the note. The authors found the song to fit him like a glove. “You confused me from the first chorus,” Greg said with a laugh. We need to start the first chorus smoothly and move on gradually.

Finally, Olivier Bergeron wanted to present a system of his own. But after singing “In the Old Shelf”, the teachers were confused by the intensity of the lyrics that reflected his mood before entering the academy.

“I have rarely seen someone who wants to be cured,” Laura Fabian advised to have a little more confidence in her speech.

“It’s really inspiring, Gregory Charles said while talking to Olivier. But your song is not on par with the guy you are today.” He gave her the opportunity to pick up Jerry Paulette’s “This Voice”. After listening to it and trying to explain it, Oliver finally decided to put this proposal forward.

For the record, during the semifinals, the public vote will determine the first finalist, while the teachers will choose the second.

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