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Boris Budka, Minister of State Property, about the competition for the position of President of Orlen


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The new Orlen Board of Directors will be selected through a competition – announced Boris Budka, Minister of State Assets, in the program “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. He added – By that time, several people from the Supervisory Board will be delegated to manage Orlin until the competition is resolved.

– Today the general shareholders' meeting in Orléans appointed a new and professional supervisory board. Minister Budka said that people have been delegated to serve as members of the board of directors, without providing details.

Budka about competitions for members of the Orlen Board of Directors

He added, “A decision was taken in the Supervisory Board to organize a competition for members of the Board of Directors.”

The Minister of State Properties explained that until this open competition is resolved, several people from the Supervisory Board will be delegated to manage Orlin.

– Enea has already announced a competition for board members. Orlin will do that any day now. This will be the case in other companies, PGE, Tauron, and will also apply to banks where the State Treasury has influence over the majority – said Boris Budka.

Orlin announced on Monday evening in an announcement to the stock exchange that, by decision of the Supervisory Board, Witold Litraski will act as Chairman of Płock.

It was added that the Supervisory Board of Orlin dismissed from the Board of Directors of Orlin: Adam Burak, Krzysztof Nowicki, Robert Perkowski, Piotr Sabat, and Iwona Waksmundzka Oleniczak.

At the same meeting, the Supervisory Board of Płock decided on authorization, effective February 7 of this year, the company stated. Three members of the Board of Directors to temporarily assume the duties of Board members (until Board members are appointed to these positions, but for a period not exceeding three months). These are Kazimierz Mordaszewski, Tomasz Sójka and Tomasz Zieliński.

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Budka: Several people from the Supervisory Board will be seconded to manage OrlinTVN24

The new supervisory board of Orlin

Orlin shareholders elected members of the Supervisory Board during the extraordinary general meeting on Tuesday.

On the recommendation of the State Treasury, the following members joined it: Michal Gajdos, Ewa Gasiorek, Katarzyna Lubos, Kazimierz Mordashevski, Mikołaj Pietrzak, Wojciech Popiłek, Ireneiusz Sitarski, Tomasz Sojka, and Tomasz Zielinski.

Jan Wozniak, nominated by NN OFE, was not elected to the Council.

The general meeting on Tuesday set the number of members of the new supervisory board at 10, but shareholders elected only nine people.

Wojciech Popiołek became Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

At the same time, the General Assembly dismissed eight people from the current Supervisory Board, headed by Wojciech Jasinski.

As of February 5, Daniel Obajtek, who had previously made himself available to the Supervisory Board, is no longer President of Orlen. Patricia Klarica, Jan Szewzak, Armin Artewicz and Romain Roj also resigned from their positions as members of the Board of Directors.

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