From Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter to Adam Levine… 10 red carpet photos from the ‘Vanity Fair’ party that got people talking

Organized a grand post-Oscar party Vanity Fair Still one of the most popular. Glamour, whimsy, glitz: stars use the opportunity to send messages, remind people they’re still fashionable or show off their romantic status. Here are 10 scenes that will talk about the day after the ceremony.

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There’s no such thing as a photo, but it’s one of the couple’s first official outings since singer Adam Levine’s infidelity scandal, and it’s got people talking. Similarly, model Behati Prinsloo stayed with her husband despite everything.

It’s impossible not to think of the late Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis’ only daughter) when you see her daughter Riley Keuk on the red carpet now. It must be said that the resemblance to his mother – and his grandfather’s features – is striking.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Christina Aguilera on such an important red carpet. Some had to do a double take to recognize the 42-year-old singer.

Comedian Rebel Wilson looks more fulfilled than ever with his girlfriend, Romana Akrumah.

Billie Eilish looked like Madonna on her red carpet Vanity Fair She wore a very long black dress. She was accompanied by her boyfriend, singer Jesse Rutherford, to cover the event.

The highly anticipated (and highly stylish) Austin Butler may not have won the best actor Oscar for his role as Elvis, but he still looked happy in the company of girlfriend Kaia Gerber.

Jennifer Coolidge caused a stir at the Golden Globes and didn’t disappoint fans with her ‘wow’ look to attend the Oscars after-party. Vanity Fair.

Photos of Olivia Wilde in a white dress revealing a black leather mini-bustier soon went viral. The actress is simply stunning!

It was one of British model Cara Delevingne’s first public outings since her magazine interview was published. practice. She admitted to falling, going to rehab to regain control and staying sober for months.

It’s hard to look more stylish than actress Julia Garner as she attended a party in all black on Sunday evening. Vanity Fair.

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