Adam was expelled from the reality show "The Island of Love"

Just days before the start of the second season of the reality show Love Island In TVA, a candidate was expelled from the product after being subjected to numerous criticisms on social networks.

“Although all the islanders have been subjected to criminal background checks, it has not revealed anything, the charges say. [jeudi] Were taken very seriously. Products Déferlantes and Quebecor content have now decided to put an end to Adam’s life, ”the production team announced on its social media network on Thursday evening.

That same morning he revealed the identities of the top five candidates flying there to see love for Las Terenas in the Dominican Republic.

The presence of 22-year-old Adam from Mont-Saint-Hillary among them quickly aroused public dissatisfaction. Within hours, criticism of him had multiplied on Instagram and Dictok. Many women have denounced his behavior as “toxic” and “dangerous”, accusing him of already being “harassed” by the young man.

Products Déferlantes and Quebecor content Adam wanted to exclude from the adventure. His portrait was removed from the show’s website and social media.

In the email sent to To On Friday, the production team stressed its rigorous approach to verifying candidates’ backgrounds, including “research on social networks.” In addition, each candidate should see a psychologist for evaluation during the selection process.

As recordings have not yet begun, it has been noted that Adam’s exit will “have no impact on the show’s broadcast,” which begins on TVA’s broadcasts on April 18.

Not the first, not the last

This is not the first time a candidate for a reality show has questioned his participation. Last fall, Alexandre Patry borer Was also subject Condemnations on social networks when viewers discover his presence in the version ofDual industry In western Canada.

From day one, the production team noticed his “aggressive” behavior and had to intervene to invite him to order, before deliberately excluding him from reality TV.

“I’m not surprised that viewers of reality shows express toxic, violent behavior or sexual harassment about a candidate,” says Melanie Millett, a professor of social and public relations at UQAM. She even thinks she should get used to it now.

From the first wave of movement # Me tooHe points out that society seeks to rebuild “tolerated, hidden, normalized” toxic norms and all forms of abuse. The return of many to social media to condemn such reprehensible behavior has now become a reaction.

But we should not see these denunciations as “a simple culture of cancellation aimed at reprimanding a candidate,” says his colleague at the Media School at UQAM Stéfany Boisvert. “On the part of the audience who want to warn the broadcasters and the public that this is a social engagement and that other candidates should not experience complicated situations. Above all, we are talking about programs that focus on dating.”

On the advice of experts Duty, The increase in audience condemnation will lead producers to review their candidate selection practices. “Social networks should encourage them to devote more time to research or psychological assessment, which is often done very quickly,” says Ms.Me Green tree.

However, even with the most rigorous process, not everything can be seen, not everything can be guessed, she agrees. Therefore, it is important to accept the unexpected events that can cause stress actorsBut the general public is now in its own way, shaping the fact that candidates have a serious role to play in selection.

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