Water as an energy source is usually associated with large facilities, such as hydroelectric power plants or generators that use tidal power. However, water energy can also be used on a small scale. An example of such a solution is the Idénergie hydro turbine, which allows you to power a single home.

The creators of the turbine made every effort to ensure that it could be used in all conditions. This is why the device is designed so that it does not require a rapid current to operate – and will also operate where the water does not exceed one meter per second.

Environmentally friendly water turbines

Idénergie turbines are also environmentally friendly – according to the creators, tests have shown that the shape similar to the Darrieus turbine ensures complete safety for animals living in the water and does not cause any injuries to them. The materials from which the device is made are also selected taking into account the environment.

This simple river turbine can power your home!

Moreover, the designers also took care of maximum maintenance free. The inclusion of the generator in a waterproof housing allowed the shaft to be removed, thanks to which the turbine provides long operation without the need for maintenance or any servicing.

Water turbines like IKEA furniture

Honoring users is also the simplicity of assembly, which does not require any experience or specialized tools – it is enough to anchor the base across the flowing river. Moreover, the device can be delivered in a disassembled state, for self-assembly, to any place in the world.

Just hex keys are enough to assemble and install it, and this solution – as the creators admit – was inspired by Ikea furniture. Idénergie turbines have a capacity of 12 kWh under optimal conditions, which, according to the developers, meets the needs of one family.

The device is equipped with a battery and an inverter, so that it can directly power household electrical installations. The value of the equipment amounted to 12.5 thousand. Gap. Canadian, that is – without customs duties and taxes – about 43 thousand. zloty.

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