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Freddie Highmore: The Curious Story Behind The Good Doctor நடிகரின் போலி காலிசியன் பாட்டி | Spain | Celebrities | Fame


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In Spain, and in many corners of the world, Known for his role in the series “”. Every time a British actor watches a Spanish show he is amazed at the amount of Spanish he has to respond to in interviews. The protagonist “”Explains the origin of this ability and how I created the false story that she had a Galician grandmother to justify her new language.

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Hymore He is remembered for starring opposite Johnny Depp in the film. “Discovering Neverland“When I was 9 years old. This role helped elevate his career because Tim Burton, on Depp’s recommendation, invited the award-winning boy. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Freddie is the son of actor and actor manager Sue Latimer, who is a Daniel Radcliffe client.

It is noteworthy that when he was 7 years old, he played the son of Helena Bonham Carter in comedyWomen’s things”. It was only a few years later that he began contact with Spain and decided to pursue a degree in Spanish and Arabic linguistics at the University of Cambridge.

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The bizarre story of Freddy Hymore’s pseudo-Galician grandmother

Every time it is Freddie Hymore While stepping into Spanish territory, interested people ask him about the story that told him he had a Galician grandmother. His Spanish accent is most notable because he lived for several months in Madrid on a scholarship from a law firm to translate texts and learn Spanish.

It was during this period that he was discovered to have a Galician grandmother. The English, because of his activities, tried every time he got involved in Spanish culture when he went to a bar or watched a football match. Precisely, among those who shared it with friends, it came to light She is said to be a Galician grandmother born in Zapatero. It is worth noting that this excuse is only to promote the Spanish team without any problems during Euro 2012.

The English actor’s ‘white lie’ reached points where no one could doubt it. The story reached the ears of the mayor of A. Coruna. Sulio Ferrero, The adopted son of the place who issued him the certificate. For this reason, Hymore has always said that he wants to know where he is as one of its identities.

What was not known until this was that Freddie got married. A few months ago the actor confirmed it after consulting about the ring he used. This is because Britain has always kept its personal life under seven keys. “Yes, this is a wedding ring. Yes, I’m married.”, He counted between laughs.

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