Forza Motorsport is seriously flawed.  Players lose their progress in Career Mode

Unfortunately, one serious issue must be added to the list of relatively minor bugs in Forza Motorsport. Many players participating in the game’s early access are complaining of major problems running races.

It turns out that Forza Motorsport has a bug that causes game progress to completely stop. The error appears in career mode, between races We will buy a new car or equip it with new, better parts. If we’re unlucky, the title will simply get stuck in the upload loop. Unfortunately, in such a situation, some players say that they have to start their career from scratch, because repeated attempts to run the game do not help. However, in most cases, a simple reset helps (we lose the progress made in the current session). An error occurs On PC and XSX/XSS, What users write about Official forum.

That seems to be the problem On incorrect synchronization of local save files with servers. Unfortunately, the bug is not included in the list of known bugs, such as the inability to unlock a single achievement, which Turn 10 Studio is currently working on fixing.

A lot of people are complaining about bugs and poor optimization of Forza Motorsport on PC. The title could bring even the most powerful gaming PCs in on the ground floor, as we wrote about in this story.

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