This app tracks and records your every move.  An idea about the future or an anomaly?

Anything, every moment of our online activity can be recorded – this applies to emails, messages included in instant messages and even conversations on Zoom or other popular applications of this type. The creators of the Rewind app claim that it should be… A search engine in our life (Online one). What is the purpose of the project? The information collected must be kept in case we want to retrieve it. Sure, we’ve seen more than once, but we never jotted down the information we were interested in or needed and then spent a lot of time researching. Rewind will look for them for us and will do it very efficiently.

To analyze everything on our screen, the application uses Native macOS Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)And the Automatic speech recognition And the OCR. Maybe that’s why we can only use the app on Apple computers.

Recorded information is stored locally on your computer to protect privacy and files We just have to get to them. You may be puzzled by the fact that these types of files must be huge. As it turned out, not at all, because the developers expected it. Application Data compression up to 3750 timeswhich makes it easy to fit even on Apple computers, which often have modest memory resources.

As the app developers note that You will not sell user data It does not provide any advertisements The product is intended to be fully financed by consumers. Rewind is currently available FreeHowever, it will be introduced in the future Subscription form.

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