Brawls in the stands from High League 3 ended before the fight of the night

– ultimate fight Denis from Diego will not be detained for security reasons. We have to stop all this for security reasons. For those frustrated, I apologize and thank you very much – said the boss high league Montana’s owner at the end of Saturday’s party. He promised that the battle would take place on a different date and be shown on YouTube for free.

Fighting broke out in the stands before the last league match

It was not possible to fight, because there were fights in the stands. Football fans of Lechia Gdański and Elana Toruń may have clashed with each other.

Iga Świątek does not have a moment of peace. “I am burdened with these questions, not the role of the candidate.”

Movies depicting what it looks like can be found on social media. You can see how the outside fans are forced to leave their seats in a panic.

Turns out the party was a huge failure not only because the fight of the evening was canceled

– Even my 15-year-old son saw what was happening, when Elana Toruń was going to follow this Załęcki to Gdańsk. Much to the imagination of the organizers – commented on Twitter, well-known journalist Michal Majowski

This is not the only failure of this concert. Premier League fans highly evaluated the level of the party. Camila Wibrachik’s duel whistles with Ewa Prudnica. The duel between Robert Borneki and Robert “Robor WK” Orzechowski ended in the first round due to first injured.

Sneak trap in AndorraThe offside trap that will go down in history. football eggs [WIDEO]

High league. “I thought I was going to start a league of my own.”

The High League is a relatively young Polish martial arts federationWho organized the first concert in August. These are bizarre fight parties, which mainly consist of celebrities, YouTubers, rappers, influencers and other celebrities from the media world. Duels are fought Grammar MMAbut sometimes they occur in boxing or kickboxing.

Lewandowski embraces wiątekThe official Roland Garros profile summed up Lewandowski’s congratulations to Iga Švetik [WIDEO]

Union face famous rapper Malik Montana. – The idea was born from the fact that I received offers to fight. These proposals were for money, which in my opinion are just scraps. On the view that none of these unions could afford me, I thought to myself I would start my own, explained the Montana owner.

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