Former Supermassive employees know why there's never been a sequel to Until Dawn.  “The prototype was already ready.”

Until Dawn is a horror game that has been recognized by players and critics alike for its interactive, tension-filled plot and surprising plot twists. The game tells the story of a group of friends who meet in an isolated hut in the mountains, where they must confront “dark forces.” The game offers multiple options and endings, depending on who survives the night.

Many people expected the studio behind the game, Supermassive, to create a sequel, but that didn't happen. In an anonymous conversation, employees explained why this had not happened.

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At some point, not only was there a sequel to Until Dawn considered by Supermassive and Sony, but a final prototype was also created, which eventually became 2022's The Quarry. Clearly, the main problem was poor project management – lack of time and limited resources.

However, after an anonymous conversation with six (now former) studio employees, it was determined that the problem lay in the relationship with the electronics giant that provided the money to complete the game. The Japanese did not like the idea of ​​a cross-platform approach to The Dark Pictures series. By releasing on multiple platforms, Supermassive Games literally sacrificed their good relationship with Sony in exchange for “seemingly” higher profits.

Neither Supermassive nor Sony have officially commented on the end of the partnership. However, thanks to the license, developer Ballistic Moon will release a new, rebuilt and improved port of Until Dawn on PS5 and PC, which was announced yesterday during the State of Play event. But it is unfortunate that the original Supermassive Games studio is not responsible for the game Because of her decision, she lost the opportunity to participate in the project and possibly continue close cooperation with Sony.

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