Forecasts are now available.  Here’s a brand new email app from Microsoft

Outlook for Windows has been released. Users with personal accounts can now use the app – you’ll have to say goodbye to your existing mail and calendar.

Until now, Outlook was available as a web app, and in Windows we had a dedicated mail and calendar app. Outlook is now the official app for Microsoft’s operating system, which is more modern and compatible with Windows 11 than existing programs – and is designed to make working with emails easier.

Outlook for Windows is now available. what’s new?

Tests of the Microsoft Outlook app for Windows have been ongoing since last year, but until now access to email has only been available to those who signed up for the public preview version, which can be done in the Mail and Calendar app using a special slider tool. Now Microsoft has announced it Outlook for Windows is now officially available.

The most important new features in the app include consolidating all necessary accounts – such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and Hotmail – and consolidating calendars in one place. But that’s not all – the calendar will contain information about upcoming package deliveries and travel dates based on emails.

Outlook has integrated AI features that help you write messages without any spelling or grammar errors. However, for owners of Microsoft 365 Personal or Family packages, the app will offer a more advanced AI-powered writing tool thanks to Microsoft Editor. What’s more, when the AI ​​Assistant built into Windows 11 Copilot becomes available, you’ll be able to perform some tasks in Outlook using it.

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The new Mail app lets you connect to free Microsoft 365 online services – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or attach files from OneDrive. Outlook will also display upcoming events, allow you to pin emails to the top of your inbox, provide a quick cleanup feature, and much more.

Microsoft Outlook on Windows will also allow you to customize its appearance. There are, of course, dark and light modes, 50 themes and 150 fonts. You can also limit the number of messages we will see in your inbox. The new email app is already available from Microsoft and should soon be available in the Microsoft Store. It is also supposed to be the native email client in Windows 11 23H2.

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